5 must-try tips for styling your holiday home

We call in the experts

So you’ve landed your dream beach shack or coastal cottage, but not sure how to take it to the next level? Whether you’re looking to rent out your property or savour it for yourself, our expert decorating ideas and style tips have you covered. A sigh-worthy artwork, such as the Aquabumps print above (in a hallway photographed by Andy Macpherson) is a good starting point!  


1. Step up the seating

“Comfort is the main objective,” says interior designer Katie Sargent. “I often find holiday houses have a lack of seating. You can never have too many chairs, stools, ottomans or beanbags.”

2. Cater for a crowd

A big dining table deserves top billing on your wish list. “I have been to so many holiday homes where we’ve had to crowd around a tiny table,” says Katie. “Guests eat, drink and play games at the dining room table, so having enough space to spread out is appreciated.”

Shania Shegedyn
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)

3. Bring in all the bells and whistles

Keep your cupboards fully stocked with the basics, but don’t skimp on the lust-haves. “A great coffee machine is a nice surprise for your guests,” says interior designer Victoria Isles of Design By Maker.

4. Go green – but keep it simple

Grow a low-maintenance garden and choose plants you see thriving close by in nature. “You’ll be guaranteed these species will suit your location without constant irrigation, pruning or fertilising,” says landscape designer Adam Robinson of Adam Robinson Design.

5. Honour your location

A property styled with your desired guests in mind will convert to bookings. Kate Walsh, interior designer at Made Comfy, says a holiday home close to the CBD will benefit from “current design trends, as guests expect a luxurious, boutique and trendy feel that competes with hotels”. The further away you are from central areas, “the more you can mix and match styles, depending on the culture of the suburb”, she says. Here, subtle plantation references play to the home’s tropical locale.


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