5 different ways you can display your travel trinkets in style

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Holidays never last long enough. It seems that just as we settle in to our new locale we need to start packing to go home. However, there is one way to extend those holiday feelings, and that’s by surrounding yourself with happy mementos from your travels abroad.

Minneapolis-based interior designer Raena Albers of Raena Interiors has a passion for creating spaces that are beautifully designed, yet not overly done, and she has some tips for putting your travel trinkets on display – stylishly!

1. Create vignettes

“Display your most sentimental baubles from your travels in a glass jewelry box and place on your dresser or coffee table. This is a chic alternative to the old memory jar and has much more curated appeal.”

2. Hang a gallery wall

“To display the most meaningful moments, such as brochures, theatre tickets and menus, simply adhere each moment to a linen backed acrylic frame to display on its own or by creating a gallery wall.”

“Create a gallery wall by displaying a collection of pretty maps from each city you’ve visited. Alternatively, use the same frame and group maps together in a hallway or above your sofa.”

3. Make an aroma jar

“There’s nothing more nostalgic than catching the scent of your favorite restaurant in Spain, or the smell of lavender soap from the B&B in France,” says Raena. “By placing a blend of traditional cooking spices or fancy soap in a sleek glass lidded jar, you can easily bring yourself back to the that favorite moment by putting the scent on display in a cabinet or bookshelf.”

4. Use them as a centre piece

“Group your favorite postcards, photos or matches together and display them in a vintage bowl and layer on top of coffee table books.”

5. Make magnets

“Often times, we come back from a vacation with a few extra foreign coins,” says Raena. “With a little adhesive and some round magnets, make some magnets out of your coins and use them to display your travel photos on your fridge. It’s the perfect way to make it feel just a tad more interesting.”

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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