Before & after: How to paint metal furniture

Don’t ditch it because it’s rusty, give your outdoor table and chairs a second chance with metal paint

Before you hit the shops for a new outdoor dining setting, consider rejuvenating the rusty table and chairs out the back of your place with purpose-made paint in your favourite colour.

Make the job easier by purchasing a metal paint from your local hardware store that can be applied straight over the surface rust and that acts as a primer, undercoat and topcoat all in one. That way you’re not fussing around with multiple paint products – and everything that goes with them – and you’ll start to see the incredible transformation almost instantly! Here’s your DIY guide.

Revive rusted metal furniture

Gather your supplies

Here’s how

Step 1 Remove loose rust and dirt using soft-bristle brush.

Step 2 For particularly rusty or shiny surfaces, use a metal-bristle/wire brush to remove rust and gently scuff surfaces.

Step 2 (Credit: Supplied by Hammerite)

Step 3 Wash down the furniture with clean water. Let dry thoroughly.

Step 4 Place furniture items on a drop sheet in a well-ventilated area.

Step 5 Apply the paint straight to the metal – including the rusted areas – using a paintbrush. Let dry.

Tips for you

  • Inspect your furniture for cracks or breaks in joins before painting. This painting process is only useful if the furniture is in solid, useable order.
  • You can use this paint for other jobs around the home, such as painting metal downpipes, fences, the garage door, gutters, gates and even the trailer.
  • Always take the time to read and follow the product instructions carefully.
Before (Credit: Supplied by Hammerite)
After (Credit: Supplied by Hammerite)

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