In praise of the chandelier

Decorating with chandeliers instantly increases the glam

When choosing a lighting option, there’s nothing that says “drama” more than a chandelier. Whether inspired by a country cottage in the south or France or looking straight to the future with a modern twist, these lighting options elevate every space to showstopping.  

glamorous living room
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

Chandeliers form an immediate focal point in any room and can work equally well in an eye-catching decorative space such as the one above, designed by Sydney interior designer Victoria Waters, or a more minimalist space, such as this elegant bedroom below. 

glamorous bed room
(Credit: Marcel Aucar)

And don’t be dictated by the room. Chandeliers make an impact in softer rooms – think bedrooms and living spaces – but work equally well in more functional ones such as a bathroom, below. “I even have one in my laundry,” interior designer Victoria told Home Beautiful. However, do check with your local council or electrician on safety regulations for placement in wet areas.

glamorous bathroom with chandelier
(Credit: John Downs)

While glass chandeliers are a perfect match for more traditional homes  – try Chandelierium for a selection – contemporary homes can make a lovely match to this lighting form. In this modern Melbourne home, an eye-catching Nemo ‘Crown Major’ pendant, from Cult, makes a statement.

contemporary pendant design
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)

For great tips on choosing timeless pieces, visit here

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