How to choose timeless pieces for your home

Stylist Claire Delmar talks to us about how to avoid fads and choose classics
Life Instyle

Should you choose ‘classics’ over trends? And will it break your budget? We ask Life Instyle’s concept stylist Claire Delmar.

Stylist Claire Delmar
Life Instyle Concept Stylist, Claire Delmar (Credit: Life Instyle)

How do you stay on top of trends while choosing timeless pieces for your home?


“I never want areas of my home to be about trends, or to be fad-driven,” says Claire. “I want them to be about holding their own beauty, in a really simple way.


So, I work with trends by sticking to that ethos, and keeping things simple and honest are really key, too.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re shopping and feel like you’re missing out if you don’t buy into it – but it’s not about that at all.


That’s what I love about Life Instyle so much, it’s such a well-curated show, and it has nothing to do with trends. Instead, it focuses on beauty in every aspect, giving you so much of a better experience. I love it.”

Life Instyle living room
(Credit: Life Instyle)

Does ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ mean expensive?


“No! Not at all! Timeless is essentially something that holds an element of past, present and future in it. It’s about meaning – not monetary value. Classic too, is about leaving an impression that’s uncomplicated but elegant.


I think it’s really important that you work out what trends or style mean to you, otherwise you leave yourself at risk to being driven by fads that are defining your style for you.”

Life Instyle 2017 sideboard
(Credit: Life Instyle)

Tell us one classic piece that every home should have – for under $50.

“For under $50 – a gorgeous throw. Getting the right one can pull your room together, add colour and make it a functional, but essential space.”

Claire Delmar is a food and interiors stylist. For more information visit

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