Interior designer Jono Fleming’s tips for a modern bedroom on a budget

How to get the luxurious look for less.
Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Wall ColourPhotography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming

If you want to refresh a bedroom without doing anything too tricky or expensive, there are plenty of modern bedroom budget ideas. You just need a little know-how about what colours are in and the styling tricks that will make all the difference.

Someone who knows all about making a bedroom look expensive on a budget is interior designer, stylist and presenter Jono Fleming.

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas
Interior designer Jono Fleming shares his modern bedroom budget ideas. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

How can I make my bedroom look expensive on a budget?

In a recent project, Jono completely transformed a bedroom into a warm, welcoming space. To do this, he harnessed the power of colour, along with some clever decor switches.

The walls and ceiling have been given a coat of Dulux Fantan from the Dulux Colour Forecast 2024 Muse palette, which instantly changes the whole room.

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Before and After
Jono Fleming’s bedroom makeover, before (left) and after. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

The accomplished designer has thought outside the square by painting the window trim in Dulux Canyon Cloud, a soft grey-lilac colour. “This subtle shade adds depth and character to the space,” says Jono.

While a modern wavy mirror has been painted in Dulux Passionate Blue. It pops alongside the rich yellow-brown walls.

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Window Curtain and Mirror
Pops of modern colour are seen on the window frame in Dulux Canyon Cloud and the wavy mirror in Dulux Passionate Blue. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

The experienced style forecaster has worked with leading interior publications for many years so we asked him to share his best tips to revitalise a bedroom without breaking the bank.

1. Ditch the white walls

There’s nothing like a new paint colour to completely transform a bedroom, whether it’s a feature wall or entire room. “It’s the easiest way to create fresh new life in a room,” says Jono. “If you paint your walls with a colour, you’re going to give an instant energy shift to your space.” He’s seeing a real revival of warm colours taking over homes. “For the longest time we strayed away from browns and reds but they’re back and they’re here to stay!” If you’re not keen on a really bold colour, he suggests a tan or lighter beige shade to bring in those warmer tones.

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Wall Colour
For a modern bedroom look, Jono went with Dulux Fantan on the walls and ceiling. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

2. Borrow from the past

Adding vintage finds among on-trend items helps create a contemporary yet timeless bedroom. It also means you’ll likely be getting well-made furniture items for a fraction of the price. “Not only are they often more affordable than brand new pieces, but they’re also from an era where furniture is made by hand and made to last. They have their own stories to tell and add so much personality and character to a space,” he says. “Mix them in with new items, decor and artwork to give your space a personal touch.”

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Vintage
Bedroom ideas: Mix vintage pieces in with modern items for a fresh look. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

3. Upgrade your old blinds

New window coverings can completely lift the look of a bedroom, like a lick of mascara on a bare face! “It’s a great final layer to a space and a budget-friendly way to add a pop of colour if you’re not brave enough yet to paint some walls,” says Jono. Pay attention to the trims, too. Update tired-looking window frames by painting them in a modern shade that complements the wall colour.

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Window Covering
Striped contemporary blinds are a good way to revive a bland bedroom. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

4. Use the ‘unexpected red theory’

The ‘unexpected red theory’ is a concept that’s gained traction on TikTok after Brooklyn-based designer Taylor Migliazzo Simon coined the phrase and it’s one of the easiest modern bedroom budget ideas. The idea is that no matter the style of a space, if you add a pop of red it will pull it all together and make it look more designer. Much like red lipstick can finish off an outfit. “It doesn’t have to be red, any contrasting colour in a space could be that bold little moment you need to elevate a vignette or corner of your room,” says Jono. “It doesn’t have to be a huge moment. Just a small object, a lamp, a side table, a frame, could be enough of a special addition.”

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Side Table
Jono put a side table painted Dulux Fluorescent Fire next to the bed, like in the ‘unexpected red theory’. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

5. Group your prints

Art might seem like an expensive extravagance, but it doesn’t have to be. “There are so many affordable local artists to find online, you don’t always need original art,” says Jono. “Prints are such a great way to get art and colour into your home.” To make prints feel luxe, he suggests framing them, and many major stores have frames available in every shape and size. When it comes to styling smaller pieces, hang them in groups. “A small cluster off-centre over a bed is a lovely way to add that bit of personality to a bed space.” Also check out Affordable Art Fair for pieces in your budget.

Dulux Jono Fleming Modern Bedroom Budget Ideas Art
Art doesn’t need to be expensive. Cluster a group of small prints together for a modern bedroom look. (Photography: Jacqui Turk / Styling: Jono Fleming)

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