9 things that are making your home look ugly

Time for a makeover?

Sometimes it’s hard to see to wood for the trees, or the sofa for the newspapers, or the bed for the clothes…

When was the last time you pulled out the fridge to clean behind it…? Just kidding! We’re looking at the immediate clutter that both you and your visitors notice as soon as you enter a room.

The following mistakes you’re making create the “noise” that can clutter your mind and stop you from relaxing, staying organised, cooking a meal or getting a good night sleep.

1. General clutter

We talk about getting rid of clutter constantly but it’s the best way to keep a tidy mind and an efficient household – “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place”. Without things packed away and looking neat, you’ll find constant distractions and the capacity to feel proud of your home is diminished.

Keep surfaces clear and style prized possessions in a tidy way. (Photography: Louise Roche | Styling: Kylie Jackes)

2. A lack of rugs (or old, tired rugs)

With careful consideration, adding a rug to your room is a great way to bring a room together and make it look more sophisticated.

A worn, dirty rug, however, will have the opposite effect. Keep it clean, ensure the size is right for the space and update it when it starts to look tired.

If you have kids or pets, consider opting for a machine-washable rug that can be cleaned and refreshed on a regular basis.


Heidi green and grey distressed washable rug, Miss Amara


It’s a cliche but it’s true; a rug can really transform the look of a room. If you’ve got kids or pets, the thought of keeping a rug clean may be stressful, but machine washable rugs are mae it easy for anybody to keep rugs looking pristine. This classic style from Miss Amara has a faded effect that makes an entire room feel cosy and inviting. 


Mojave rug in Laurel, Armadillo

From $1900

Tired of switching out rugs that quickly fade or go out of style? Armadillo’s heritage range is designed to be loved for generations. The ‘Mojave’ range is made from handspun pile that is hand-knotted to create a unique, textured finish. Made from 100% jute pile and 100% jute warp. 


Colorado moss and natural rug, Adairs

From $499.99

Add sophistication and a subtle hint of colour to any room in your home with Adair’s ‘Colordao’ rug. The moss green and natural weave will allow you to dabble with colour without completely abandoning your comfort zone. Speaking of comfort zones, this rug is soft underfoot and perfect for creating a relaxed, shoes-off living zone. 

3. Vertical blinds

With so many more options for window coverings available on the market, the dated corporate effect of vertical blinds can certainly bring an interior decorating scheme undone.

Stylish alternatives to vertical blinds, include curtains, panels, Roman blinds or plantation shutters.

4. Dirty windows

Washing your windows will literally change your outlook – enjoy the results of your hard work in the garden or simply let the sun shine in through windows you clean regularly – remember to declutter and wipe down your window sills as you go.

Hamptons style home curtains
Clean windows will let sunlight into your home. (Credit: Photography: Simon Whitbread | Styling: Corina Koch)

5. Fluorescent lighting

They might be longer lasting but there is some research that suggests harsh fluorescent lighting triggers a stress response in us, upsetting our biorhythms – not the calm environment we look to create in our homes.

Add to this the visual effect of a cold wash over everything and it’s even less inviting.

Opt instead for the warm white of energy-efficient halogen globes in lamps and light fittings, or LED strip lighting for under cabinetry or along the base of walls and furnishings for a warmer glow.

6. Visible wiring and cords

Wires and cords all over the place makes thing feel temporary and haphazard, rather than streamlined and organised.

Find a system to tuck them out of sight, perhaps with the help of cord organisers and ties.

White home office
Tangled cords never look good. (Photography: Nic Gossage / Styling: Lisa Burden)

7. An unmade bed

We all know that one of the habits of organised people is to stick to a routine, first and foremost.

Making the bed each morning not only removes the temptation to jump back in after a shower, it’s a quick job to tick off first thing in the morning to start your day right and keep heading in a productive direction.

Choose bedlinen you love and put some effort into placing cushions and styling up a simple but beautifully made bed.

A white living area with blue and timber furniture and a gallery wall.
Making the bed will make your home feel instantly tidier. (Photography: Louise Roche | Styling: Kylie Jackes)

8. Ugly lampshades

There’s just no excuse for an ugly lampshade. Even if it’s a hand-me-down or an op shop find, for as little as $15 you can give your lamp a revamp with a new shade to match the room décor.

9. Dated picture frames

A new frame can give an instant makeover to an existing piece of art, transforming it into artwork that adds style to a room. Select a range of art, prints or collected pieces you’ve owned for some time and invest in a new range of frames that match one another to bring the whole look together in a stunning gallery wall.

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