Stylish solutions to banish boring vertical blinds

Cut out the cold corporate, bring in bespoke beauty
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Vertical blinds may have been a practical solution to window dressing at one stage, but we’ve come a long way, Baby. Here’s how to eliminate them with stylish alternatives.

One of the driving forces behind the installation of vertical blinds is often the sheer size of the window the cover. Now there are a plethora of options for your window treatment that run from simple and chic, through flowy and full to the convenience of full automation.

Sliding panels

Available ready made from big retailers such as IKEA, these work on a similar system to vertical blinds, but with a more contemporary home, less stitched-up office approach. Sliding panels are wider and more versatile as you can stack them or spread them to control lighting and privacy. Easy to install and adjustable by cutting the panels to your desired width, they’re a great option to dress up a rental and don’t have messy cords – so ideal for a kids’ room too.

Stylish solutions to banish boring vertical blinds | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

Roller blinds

Still offering that streamlined look, contemporary roller blinds are continually coming to market with more fabrics and better functionality than ever before. Patterned or plain, textured or solid, hard-working textiles take on a bigger décor role and ease the load on heating (and cooling) bills.

Stylish solutions to banish boring vertical blinds | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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Well-made curtains never go out of style. More than just a practical window covering, the ability to make a statement with your choice of fabric can bring a whole room together. Fabric insulates and will absorb noise too so work well minimise the commotion of a busy space.

Roman blinds

Offering the best of both worlds, Roman blinds give many of the benefits of curtains, without the bulk. If you like the idea of being able to tuck your window dressing away altogether, but are still looking to bring in a little classic colour and pattern, they’re a tidy alternative.

Plantation shutters

Fixed plantation shutters are the ultimate window dressing to achieve a Hamptons look and are adjustable to block out light and moderate temperatures inside the home. Choose whether to install on parliament hinges so they open all the way back to lie flat against the wall, leaving the window unencumbered.

Stylish solutions to banish boring vertical blinds | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Indah Island)

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