The best large decorative pots for indoor plants

Make a statement with a large plant in a stunning pot.
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Potted plants have the ability to transform any room. And the larger they are, the more attention they command. If you’re looking to make a decorative statement at the entrance of your home, or fill an empty corner, a large plant paired with a stunning oversized pot is worth the investment. 

To choose the perfect pot, first consider both the proportions of the plant, and its ideal growing conditions. Olive trees, for example, are a trendy indoor tree, but they require plenty of direct sunlight. So an ideal planter in that scenario may be a lightweight pot that can be easily lifted onto a wheeled plant caddy and moved into the sun on a regular basis. 

Next, consider the look and mood you’re trying to create. “There are no rules,” says artist Christina McLean of Trade the Mark, who hand throws all of the pots and planters she sells – making each one unique. “It depends structurally on the look of the plant – play around with different combinations until you find a good match.”

Living room with large indoor planter in corner
A fiddle leaf fig in the corner of a formal dining room. (Credit: Photography: Shania Shegedyn | Styling: Alana Langan)

How to choose the right shaped pot for your home

Pots come in all shapes: square, egg-shaped, cylindrical, urn-shaped. When choosing a pot, consider the plant, the size of the space you intend to place it and the style of your home. 

A modern home, for example, will lend itself better to square or cylindrical designs. You can also add drip trays to pots that are meant for the outdoors, to bring them indoors.

A pair of white pot plants in a Hamptons style home
A pair of white pots make a statement in this modern living room. (Credit: Photography: Mindi Cooke | Styling; Rachel Honner)

How to choose the right size pot for your home

When selecting an indoor pot, another thing to take into consideration is its size. It will need to be large enough to house the plant, of course, but you might also like to think about the way it looks in the room. 

A shorter pot can be elevated on a stand, to create height. A pot with a wide base is perfect for placing upon a table or plinth, as it is less likely to tip over if you have kids or pets. 

Grouping pots of different heights together will not only add interest to an otherwise bare corner, it will also increase the humidity around the plants, creating ideal growing conditions for some of the most popular houseplants

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