The indoor plant trend that’s all over Instagram

And it wont break the bank!
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If you’re a plant lover, chances are you’ll already have some planted in the ubiquitous terracotta pot. If not and you’re looking for new inspiration for how to display them, look no further.

‘Terracotta’ comes from the Italian words for ‘baked earth’ and pots made from this clay come in all shapes and sizes, making a great way to bring plants all together for a cohesive display. With the emerging trend of the arts and craft movement of interior design, we’ve enjoyed seeing trends unfold on Instagram – including the renaissance of macramé hangers, which work beautifully with terracotta pots, whether with a succulent, bushy or trailing plant inside. 

Terracotta gives an earthy, organic look to your collection of indoor plants and the best part? They’re so affordable!

Here’s some eye candy from Instagram:

Why we love terracotta pots: 

1. They’re natural – like plants themselves

2. They’re affordable – pick up at any nursery or hardware store for as little as $1.50 for small pots

3. They come in a plastic version for larger pots or with self-watering systems that you can incorporate in the mix – making it easier to lift and move your plants or take them with your when you move

4. They match with anything – mix and match with one another or with coloured pots for a textural display and an earthy touch to your interiors

 Display tips

Group an odd number together in various shapes and sizes for an eye-catching display. You can swap plants out of your vignette from time to time for visits outside in the sun, or for a good drenching with the hose. Have a grouping of terracotta pots on your balcony or patio where plants can rotate to and from.

Water wise

Terracotta is a porous substance so water leaches through the clay and allows airflow to the soil within, creating a desirable natural environment for your plant. The natural minerals and salts in the clay often leave a residue on the outside of the pot, creating a lovely patina as the pot ages.

Watering is required with this in mind however, as water will evaporate away from your plant more quickly than in a pot made from plastic or fiberglass, or from a terracotta or ceramic pot that has been sealed with a glazed finish.


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