The secrets to a perfect gallery wall

In 5 simple steps.
Gallery wall of artworks displayed above a sofaPhotographer: Dave Wheeler / Stylist: Corina Koch

If there is one design element that will instantly add style to your abode it is a gallery wall. Bringing together a collection of your favourite photographs, art and objects is a wonderful way to elevate your decor by enjoying the things you love every day. We asked the experts where to start and how to get the perfect gallery wall in any room of your house.

This snug living space just off the kitchen in this Toowoomba farmhouse is a riot of colour and pattern, punctuated by collected artworks. Photographer: Hannah Puechmarin / Stylist: Cheryl Carr

1. Gather your artworks

Think beyond your photo wall to include other artworks and objects. “Gather photographs or images you want to use,” says interior designer Terri Shannon of Bloom Interior Design. “Choose pictures that are black and white or have a similar colour palette. You can also add black or white to colour images for variation and contrast. Alternatively, create a gallery wall with a common theme, like travel, landscape or architecture.”

2. Choose your frames

Head to your favourite big retailer on the hunt for suitable frames to make up your gallery wall. For the best quality frames that will stand the test of time try Myer, David Jones and Country Road, or look for a specialty framer and design your own frames. “If you want a more streamlined look, choose frames in the same size and colour,” says Terri. “Otherwise, mix it up with a variation of timbers and finishes for a more relaxed feel.”

Australian illustrator Kerrie Hess agrees. An expert in displaying artworks, Kerrie’s illustrations have graced the walls of homes and offices, shops and salons the world over. Her secret for successfully creating the most Pinterest-worthy galleries for your home starts with the frames you choose for the collection – they are just as important as the artwork. “If your artwork is simple you might want to add interest to the look by using a variety of frames with different widths and finishes,” says Kerrie. “Mixing slim frames with thick, and wooden with metallic or antique options will add an instant pick-me-up to an otherwise minimalist wall.”

3. Experiment with colour

“When styling your wall gallery,” says Kerrie, “Think about the colours that are used in your house as a whole. If your house exudes more of a classic style choose artwork that seamlessly flows with this aesthetic. I find choosing artwork around one specific colour is the way to go. This will allow you to pick up different hues and accents in the piece and will ensure all your artworks complement each other. Drawing on different shades of one main colour is a great way to add instant impact to any wall gallery while keeping it looking modern.”

“A great way to frame your favourite prints and art pieces, creating a gallery will transform a drab wall into a piece of beauty.”

Kerrie Hess, Illustrator
The secrets to a perfect gallery wall | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Channel Kerrie Hess and hang similar artworks together in a uniform gallery. (Credit: Kerrie Hess)

4. Mix and match

“If you want to give your wall more dimension, try mixing different textures in your artwork,” Kerrie suggests. “Whether it is incorporating landscape and portrait paintings together, or perhaps displaying a multitude of styles like water coloured prints, a vintage movie poster or landscape photograph.”

“On the other hand, if you have bold or statement artwork, opt for frames that are simplistic in theme so as not to detract from the main feature. I actually couldn’t find the size of gold frames that I was looking for my gallery wall, so I bought simple matt white frames and spray painted them gold myself.”

“Mixing mediums in the same colour tones is a simple way to add interest and start a conversation piece”

Kerrie Hess

5. Adjust your gallery to suit your room

The size of your space will determine the amount of artwork you display on your wall. “A definite statement piece, a wall gallery draws the eye upwards and will give the illusion that your ceiling is higher than it really is,” says Kerrie.

“When styling your wall gallery make sure you plan it out – especially if you are hanging art in a smaller space. I always find laying the framed artwork on the floor and moving the art around until I’m happy with it is the best place to begin. Then start placing your artwork from the bottom up, this will ensure your frames are at eye level.”

Terri suggests getting some butcher paper and tracing around the frames to create a mock-up of your artwork. “Blu-tack the cut-out pieces of paper to the wall to get a visual of how it will look,” says Terri. “Rearrange the pieces until it’s balanced and you’re happy with the arrangement, then remove the butchers paper and hang the frame in the same positions.”

“When spacing the artwork on a smaller surface area make sure to keep white space between the frames,” Kerrie notes. “This will make the artwork appear larger than it, which is great for small rooms. For larger rooms, keep the artwork a little bit closer.”

Above the sofa in this colourful Mosman home is a wall of artworks, many of which have a personal connection. Photographer: Dave Wheeler / Stylist: Corina Koch

What you need

freedom photo frames


TOBIAS set of 12 frames in Oak, Freedom

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If you don’t like the idea of mismatched photo frames in different colours and finishes, this gallery frame set from Freedom will help you create a clean and consistent gallery wall with frames of all different sizes and shapes to suit your photos and prints. The set also omes with wall template system to help you easily customise your layout.


Samsung 55″ The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV, The Good Guys


With The Frame by Samsung, your TV can be turned into a work of art or digital photo gallery when not in use.  With with 20 artworks and photographs to choose from plus, the ability to purchase additional art or upload your own photos, The Frame is designed to look like a framed print and will fit right in to any gallery. The Slim Fit Wall-Mount accessory allows you to mount the TV flush with the wall and the customisable frames in a range of colour options and bezel shapes allow you to change up your


The Self Love art print by Joao Incerti, Society6

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If you’re looking for some affordable artwork to make your gallery wall complete, Society6 have a range of wall art, from posters to framed prints, to suit any style of home, such as this stunning print by artist Joao Incerti.

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