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An elegant solution that solves your storage needs and gives a sophisticated look to your living room is a sideboard – very grown up.

Getting the edge on a sophisticated look in your living and/or dining room comes down to decluttering your space and opting for furnishings that provide maximum functionality for your bucks and there’s a reason the classic sideboard is enjoying a renaissance.

Sleek and organic in shape, it’s a furniture piece that provides a great surface to arrange and display your favourite collected pieces, as well as having the storage capacity to hide away all of the messy bits and pieces of daily life.

What is a sideboard used for
‘Aspen’ sideboard, $4370, King Living (Credit: King Living)

3 tips to style your sideboard beautifully:

1. Keep it simple

Edit, edit, edit. Less is more so only display what you love and ideally group items in threes. Opt for different shapes geometrically and include one taller piece, one medium-sized and one squat, smaller object to anchor the arrangement.

2. Use a mix of textures

Give the eye something to focus on as it passes over your vignette. A great combination might be a pile of books, a glass or ceramic vase and a textural sculpture – something natural or handmade.

3. Work to a colour palette

It’s a good idea to link the colours of the objects you display to either one another or something else in the room – perhaps an artwork, cushion or sofa upholstery. This will draw the eye around the room unconsciously and create a pleasing, cohesive decorative result.

What is a sideboard used for
(Credit: Jody D’arcy)

Feel free to change it up and rotate your favourite objects with the seasons or your creative whim to keep things interesting.

Buying a brand new piece like this is an investment however so do your homework and choose a style you love that will endure and suit the rest of your key furniture pieces, such as your dining table or sofa.

If this is a little above your price point, take a trip to your local op shop or get online to Gumtree to hunt for a vintage find that fits the bill.

Remember to measure your space to ensure plenty of room for your new sideboard to shine.

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