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6 ways to spruce up your living room – in one hour

Got the inclination for a makeover but not the time?
Warren Heath

Your living room is a moving feast that serves the comings and goings, rest and relaxation of everyone in the home. Sometimes it shows…

Whether you share your home with others or live alone, your living room is often a springboard for every part of your life and you’ll find it needs a pick-me-up now and then.

If you think it will involve the kind of time you never seem to have spare, here’s a bunch of living room decorating ideas you can do almost instantly (or at least while you watch the latest episode of your favourite binge).

Tip: Set a timer or put on a 60 minute upbeat playlist to stay focused!

A Flos ‘CopyCat’ lamp by Michael Anastassiades is one of the pieces that remain from the family’s previous home. (Photography: Natalie Hunfalvay / Stylist: Lisa Burden)

1. Restyle your bookshelf

This is a great pick me up, particularly if it’s in plain view of your favourite sitting spot. Revamp a bookshelf with colour-coordinated books, a couple of fresh vignettes or a good cull of your library.

2. Swap out your photos for new ones

Update the snapshots of your life with your latest experiences – take down your frames and refresh them with new snaps of friends, family or your latest holiday and rehang. Perhaps you might like to mix it up with art or textiles to create a salon hang.

2023 trend forecast chinoiserie chic
(Credit: Will Horner)

3. Wallpaper a feature wall

This one will take a little planning (and perhaps some online shopping, so beware!). Choose to cover a wall or architectural feature that will make an impact:

  • above or below a dado rail or wainscotting
  • the fireplace surround or the recesses either side
  • an angled wall that transitions into another room

Measure up and order sufficient self-adhesive wallpaper to cover the space. When you have it on hand, clear everything away from your wall and prepare and hang it according to the directions.

4. Make yourself a cushion

Embellish or upcycle an older cushion or textile piece to tie in with existing colours or to spark a new palette in the room. Perhaps something that matches your new wallpaper?

LIVING ROOM An elegant velvet Chesterfield (try the Affinity Furniture ‘Kendal’ sofa in Azure from Living Styles) introduces jewel-like colour in the living room, where an oversized Persian rug – its tones echoed in an artwork by Alexia Vogel above the fireplace – defines this relaxing zone. (Photography: Warren Heath)

5. Rearrange your furniture layout

This is a no-brainer. Rearranging your furniture will not only give the room a lift, it may change the way you use the entire space.

6. Clean out a corner

Go on, get in there!

Corners are often neglected in larger or busy rooms as you walk past or overlook them in your day-to-day life. Take a good look into your living room corners and resolve to say goodbye to boxes, books and/or belongings that have accumulated there over time to become clutter. If things are collecting too often, rethink your storage or furniture layout so items are less likely to gather there.

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