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Inside garden guru Charlie Albone’s former seaside home

The power couple redecorated their former Sydney home inside and out.
Juliet Love and Charlie Albone in the living room of their Sydney home.Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters

Charlie Albone is jumping up and down in sync with his mini-me son, Hartford, in the sunny eastern Sydney home he shares with his wife, interior designer, author and fellow TV presenter, Juliet Love. Whenever he returns home from filming, Hartford and Leo just can’t quite get enough of their dad. “It gets a little bit chaotic when I get home,” says the landscape designer. Some excitement is always expected upon his return, but Charlie is also quite used to being greeted by the unexpected. “Things do get changed quite frequently,” says Juliet of their coastal Hamptons inspired home . “I can’t help myself. I like to keep things interesting.”

The occasional piece might shift or be introduced according to Juliet’s latest decorative whim, but a strong sense of family will always be part of this home. Juliet spent much of her childhood here – it was her first family home, and her father has lived here for more than 30 years. Up until recently, Juliet and Charlie lived full-time on their five-acre property on the Central Coast, but with Charlie often away for work, they decided to return to Sydney. “We started looking for a place and it was just too expensive, so Dad suggested we renovate a level here,” says Juliet. “This enabled us to keep the farm.” The family still enjoys the farm on weekends.

Juliet Love and Charlie Albone on the deck of their Sydney home with their two sons.
It’s no surprise that these stunning surrounds proved to be the decorating inspiration for the home that Selling Houses Australia’s Charlie Albone and his wife, Juliet Love, share with their delightful sons. “I wanted it to feel open and airy and almost like we’re on holidays all the time,” says Juliet. “I wanted it be coastal, without being obvious. (Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

Charlie and Juliet’s style secrets

Is there always a delineation, you do the inside, Juliet and you the outdoors, Charlie? Juliet: “Yes, but we usually discuss what’s happening.”

What do you love most about being here? Charlie: “The view. The thing I like about the place up the coast is that there’s no-one else around. With the view, we get to have that here as well.”

How is it having a city pad as well as well as your farm? Juliet: “It’s the best of both worlds, we’re really very lucky. I love being here and having Dad upstairs. And Dad’s very happy – he just loves his grandchildren.”

What’s your top tip for people looking at redecorating? Juliet: “Decide what you want it to look like at the end. Otherwise you can run into trouble going different ways. Start collecting visual reference and surround yourself with the things you love.”

Juliet and Charlie met in 2009 on a screen test for the Lifestyle Channel’s The Party Garden. “The producers wanted to see whether we had any chemistry on camera,” says Juliet. “It worked out well,” adds Charlie. The gardener, who has won two Silver Gilt medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for his work, happily left most of the decorating of their home to his savvy wife. (Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

Practical-meets-polished in this ground-floor two-bedroom coastal abode that has a stunning view out to the Pacific and interiors that are just as spectacular. “Everything here is about being practical for having a young family,” says Juliet, who cleverly mixes buys from Freedom, Target and Ikea with high-end finds.

Slipcovers are on high rotation and laminate floors were chosen for their durability: “It’s the hardest wearing one we could find,” says Juliet. “The kids ride their bikes down the hallway.”

Yet, form has definitely not been compromised with gorgeous vignettes and divine pieces providing grown-up appeal and beautiful heirlooms creating a connection to the past. “I like to bring in things that have a sense of history,” she says.

Vintage trolley decorated with books and a record player at the home of Charlie Albone and Juliet Love.
(Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

With the interiors complete, all that is left on the to-do list is a pergola and entertaining area near that stunning seaside deck and the front garden, which not surprisingly is top of mind for Charlie, who is kept busy with his Inspired Exteriors business and TV hosting commitments.

“I wake up every morning and think, ‘I need to get into it’.” One thing’s for certain though, he has a couple of very eager boys at his feet to help do the prep work – two tiny hand prints pressed in the concrete on the soon-to-be-paved front path is the forever proof. And while the garden still looms large, Charlie is happy that there is a sanctuary, filled with family and love, to always come home to. “It’s everything,” he says. “Home is so important.”


An Ikea cabinet forms the base to create a dramatic entry to the combined living areas. “I changed the handles and put glass on top,” says Juliet. “Mixing is great – you don’t have to spend a lot. Where people run into trouble is when everything is from Ikea or everything’s cheap. It’s good to mix it with a few key pieces.”

A feature lamp that once belonged to her grandmother forms the centrepiece here, while a pair of arch mirrors instantly enlarges the all-white space. Sitting room Juliet shares a giggle with Hartford in one of her favourite spaces in the home (pictured opposite). “I rarely get a moment to myself these days, but I’ll sit down here with a magazine,” she says.

Coastal Hamptons style console and arched mirrors at the home of Charlie Albone and Juliet Love.
Juliet has styled the home with a mix of affordable finds with high-end treasures. The console, which was sourced from Ikea, was customised by Juliet who replaced the handles and added a glass top. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

A lounge that belonged to her father is layered with an Adairs knit and grounded by a Target rug. More precious is the handpainted pot. “My grandfather gave it to my mum and Mum gave it to me for my last birthday, which was really nice,” she says. “I think it’s these individual things that make a home’s interior.”

Juliet Love with her son in the sun room of the Sydney home she shares with Charlie Albone.
Greenery adorns every corner of Charlie and Juliet’s home. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

Living room

In the living room of the open-planned abode, white lightens and brightens. Ikea ‘Erktop’ armchairs provide family-friendly lounging, while gilt-trimmed Bandhini Homewear Design cushions and metallic pieces make an elegant statement. “I like combining textures and love metals to bring in a bit of interest,” says Juliet.

Indoor plants are a must for the couple. The greenery-filled clam is from Style My Home. (Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

Dining room

Deep blue accents and the occasional pop of sunshine end a chic coastal vibe while darker-toned heirloom pieces – including the dining table that belongs to Juliet’s dad – provide an elegant contrast to the all-white scheme. “Charlie and I are big foodies so we like to sit down here at the dinner table when he’s home,” says Juliet.

Coastal Hamptons style dining room at the home of Charlie Albone and Juliet Love featuring custom striped slipcover chairs.
Custom-made washable slip covers on the dining chairs are both sophisticated and practical. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)
A black and white artwork in the dining room at the home of Charlie Albone and Juliet Love.
‘Middle of Nowhere’ artwork by Sarah Brooke. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

Main bedroom

The couple’s bedroom is a picture of serenity thanks to a soothing palette of neutrals.

White and neutral coastal Hamptons style main bedroom at the home of Charlie Albone and Juliet Love.
(Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

Kids’ room and playroom

Designing the boys’ charming bedroom was a team effort for the two designers, pictured with their boys relaxing in an outdoor lounge picked up in Bali. The room’s hero feature is a bunk bed styled to look like a double-decker bus. “It did take me two days to put together,” recalls Charlie. “I was halfway through and Leo says ‘I want to go to bed Daddy, can I just go to bed?’”

Charlie Albone and Juliet Love's son standing in his shared bedroom featuring a bunk bed styled to look like a double-decker bus.
Juliet and Charlie collaborated on the design direction of the boys’ shared bedroom. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)
Shared boys' playroom with white cabinet and white toybox, floor to ceiling windows and bunting at the home of Charlie Albone and Juliet Love.
The boys’ playroom is positioned in a sunny corner – originally a verandah – and has become a creative play hub for the boys with a table set and book shelves from Mocka. (Credit: Photography: Chris Warnes | Styling: Rachel Peters)

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