7 best four-slice toasters that are made for busy households

Breakfast of champions.
Stylist: Kayla Gex | Photographer: John Paul Urizar
Stylist: Kayla Gex | Photographer: John Paul Urizar

The humble toaster is a staple kitchen appliance for many Aussie households. There are many ways to toast bread – buttered on a saucepan or in a benchtop oven – however, when it comes to simplicity, using a toaster takes the crown. 

And, if you buy your bread pre-sliced…it really doesn’t get easier than putting the slices in their designated slot in the toaster and waiting a few short minutes to be greeted with beautifully toasted bread. 

Whether it’s smashed avo on sourdough, a cream cheese and jam bagel, or a simple peanut butter and honey toast, ensuring your pieces of bread are toasted to perfection comes down to the very appliance at hand.


  1. The Smart Toast (4-slice), $249, Breville (here’s why)
  2. DeLonghi Ballerina 4-slice toaster in Laguna Green, $134, The Good Guys (here’s why)
  3. Dualit Newgen 4-slice toaster in copper, $474 (usually $549), David Jones (here’s why)
(Credit: Photographer: John Downs | Stylist: Tahn Scoon)

Which is better, a 2-slice or a 4-slice toaster?

A popular question many have when choosing a toaster is whether to go for a two-slice or a four-slice toaster. 

If you live in a single or two-person household, a two-slice toaster may be substantial enough for everyday use. However, if you live in a larger household, we’d recommend going for a four-slice toaster to save yourself the stress (and time spent waiting) in the morning.

But what if you only want two slices of toast in the morning? Wouldn’t a four-slice toaster be a waste of electricity and energy? Fret not, most four-slice toasters can be used in a similar manner as a two-slice toaster.

A four-slice toaster often has separate controls for each ‘pair’. This means you can use only two slots if that’s all you need, or if you need to toast a bagel longer than sourdough, for example, you can attend to both at the same time. 

Apart from capacity, there are no major differences between a two-slice and a four-slice toaster. But, if you are short on cupboard or kitchen counter space, a two-slice toaster may be more suitable.

The best 4-slice toasters to shop in Australia 2024


The Smart Toast (4-slice), Breville


Mornings are made easier for the entire household with the Smart Toast four-slice toaster from Breville. Featuring four extra wide slots to suit a variety of bread and pastries and innovative auto features such as ‘A Bit More’ and ‘Lift And Look’, this unit will offer flawless toasting every time.


DeLonghi Ballerina 4-slice toaster in Laguna Green, The Good Guys


Prepare English muffins and frozen waffles with this elegant toaster from DeLonghi. With a removable crumb tray and high lift functionality, it’s a solid pick for any kitchen. Plus, we can’t get over its glossy ribbed design that is inspired by Venetian glasswork.


Dualit Newgen 4-slice toaster in copper, David Jones

$474 (usually $549)

When we think of toasters…Dualit comes to mind. Designed and hand-built in England, the Dualit Newgen four-slice toaster features the brand’s unique patented ProHeat elements with a protective ‘amour-plated’ layer that covers the filaments. It’s a unit made for serious toast enjoyers.


Artisan 4-slice automatic toaster in Pistachio, KitchenAid

$249 (usually $299)

KitchenAid is always here to add a pop of colour to your kitchen, and this time we’re obsessed with this pale pistachio-hued four-slice toaster. Golden pieces of toast and crumpets at the touch of a button – what more could you want? The Artisan four-slice toaster features seven shade settings, extra-wide slots and multi-function buttons such as keep warm, crumpet, defrost and reheat. Our favourite part is its motorised lift button that gently lowers and raises your bread and its ability to save personalised recipes.



Sunbeam Simply Shine 4-slice toaster in cream, The Good Guys


The Sunbeam Simply Shine four-slice toaster has variable browning control so you can make your perfect slice, every morning. With an easy-to-use dial control and rounded beige finish, this toaster will look right at home in any modern kitchen.


DeLonghi Icona Capitals 4-slice toaster in Sydney White, The Good Guys


Whether you like your bread lightly toasted or you prefer it crispy brown, the DeLonghi Icona Capitals four-slice toaster allows you to make your toast to your taste with its variable browning control. Plus, with its integrated cord storage compartment and non-slip feet, it means you can have this unit on display (if your kitchen benchtop allows), or tuck it away neatly in your cupboard.



Russell Hobbs Brooklyn 4-slice toaster in black, Myer

$87.20 (usually $109)

In a sleek black and stainless steel finish, the Brooklyn toaster is a modern addition to your kitchen (and your morning routine). And, if you’re always finding yourself fishing for your pieces of bread, its high-lift function means you can easily transport your toasted goodies to your plate – just one less thing to worry about when it comes to making your next avocado toast.

How do you pick a good toaster?

Choosing a toaster for your kitchen will depend on a variety of factors, such as frequency of use and capacity. If you have a large family to cater to, especially in the morning, then a four-slice toaster, in our opinion, is a must. Moreover, the slot size must be big enough for the bread you like to toast. If you love artisan loaves, finding a toaster with thicker and longer slots is worth considering.

Besides choosing from a two-slice and a four-slice toaster and ensuring the slots are big enough for your needs, below are a few other factors to consider to ensure you pick the perfect toaster for you.

  • Settings: make sure your toaster has adjustable browning settings
  • Even toasting: Look for dual-sided toasting elements
  • Ease of cleaning: Look for crumb trays for easy cleaning
  • Safety features: Auto shut-off or cancel buttons, and cool-touch exteriors are essential

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