Guess who’s turning 100??

Kitchenaid launches a GORGEOUS limited-edition anniversary model

Kitchenaid is not only a statement piece on your kitchen bench but a design icon in its own right. Our world came to a standstill when they launched the rose gold model and they continue to excite us with new colours being rolled out to meet the demands of style-loving bakers and entertainers.

This year marks a momentous occasion in the iconic stand mixer’s life – it’s 100 year anniversary. First released in 1919 it was originally born from Ohio-based engineer Herbert Johnson, after watching a baker mix bread dough with a heavy, iron spoon.

The design has evolved through the decades, with the coloured models being introduced on the eve of World War II. Kitchenaid have commemorated 100 years of colour and tradition with the release of a ‘Misty Blue’ edition of the timeless design – sure to soon grace benchtops all over Australia and the world.

“Misty Blue brings back a definitive style that will spark nostalgia across generations, while also continuing to inspire in the kitchen.”

Kay Oswald, KitchenAid general manager & managing director Asia-Pacific
Kitchenaid launches a GORGEOUS limited-edition anniversary model

The stand mixer’s solid engineering has certainly stood the test of time and the colours have continued to roll out to keep up with kitchen and homewares trends – the 1950’s saw the introduction of now-classic Sunny Yellow, Island Green, Satin Chrome and Petal Pink.

Jump forward to the nineties and a variety of daring, new colours – Empire Red, Hunting Green, Cobalt Blue and Majestic Yellow and the statement-making Kitchenaid began to take our benchtops by storm.

Kitchenaid launches a GORGEOUS limited-edition anniversary model

“Our passion is for cooking, for great food and how it forges a connection with our loved ones and our long-standing traditions,” says General Manager & Managing Director Asia-Pacific at KitchenAid, Kay Oswald. “We all know that familiar smell, or taste, which instantly takes us back to special moments. Whether it’s Grandma’s spaghetti or Dad’s lamb rissoles on a summer’s barbecue, KitchenAid helped bring the meal to the table.”

Available from major retailers and homewares outlets, the limited-edition ‘Misty Blue’ retails at just over $1000 and comes with a bonus flex-edged beater and a mixing bowl commemorated in a pretty, textured ceramic white – reminiscent of milk glass.

With only 1000 of the models available, if your eyes are becoming misty with the memory of hovering in the kitchen to lick the “K” beater and bowl, you might want to move fast – we predict they’ll be snapped up faster than a batch of your Mum’s signature cupcakes at the school cake stall.

Kitchenaid launches a GORGEOUS limited-edition anniversary model

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