See why this beautifully organised pantry went viral

This walk-in pantry is next level!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having beautifully organised shelves, then this woman’s gorgeous walk-in pantry should provide all the inspiration you need.

The Instagrammer behind @fromhousetohome_ says her pantry is her favourite room in the house, and despite appearances, she reveals that it’s not actually that difficult to maintain.

“The #1 comment I see is people sharing how difficult this would be to upkeep,” she revealed.

“By no means is this staged, my pantry sharing is always in real time (as it’s the only room of the house I have officially organised.)

“But for that reason, it is honestly the most utilised room in my house and the only one that is forever tidy. Everything has its place and everything goes back. Pretty simple really.”

Her gorgeous pantry has been gone viral and has been shared many times in Kmart groups on Facebook.

Many of the containers used in her pantry are from Kmart, while other items have been sourced from Ebay, IKEA and other major outlets.

While her pantry is super organised and inspiring if you’re in need of a declutter, her coffee station and fridge are super-organised too and look just as good.

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