Best ever ways to store and organise your jewellery

6 savvy and stylish ideas for tangle-free trinkets.
How to organise and store your jewellery
Photographer: Brigid Arnott | Styling: Lisa Hilton

If like us you’ve Marie Kondo’d your way through the house and rediscovered your fabulous costume accessories, the next step is to organise and store your jewellery where you can see it and wear it. Everything in fashion comes around again so, now that you have done a wardrobe declutter and decided which items to keep, celebrate your style by punctuating your wardrobe with accessories you already own.

Organising your jewellery saves time when you’re getting ready and planning outfits for special occasions. Follow our tips to store and organise your jewellery and make the most of your collection.

1. Keep it simple

If you haven’t already done so, first do a cull of your jewellery to clear out items that are past their best or no longer spark joy – let’s face it, you’re unlikely to wear them again.

How to organise and store your jewellery
Photographer: Martina Gemmola

2. Store like with like

Separate and sort your remaining jewellery into sub-categories, such as necklaces/earrings/bangles etc. and look to storing each of these groups in separate containers to make it easier to choose the perfect accessory.

3. Store it where you can see it

Organise each group into its own container that fits everything and displays all items at once. For smaller items like earrings and rings, use a container with plenty of dividers for small spaces, for larger pieces such as bangles, something like a sock- or drawer organiser works well.

4. Invest in purpose-built (or bought) storage

Specialty jewellery storage trays are available online and in stores such as Big W, Muji and Kmart. Alternatively, use drawer dividers or sewing or tackle boxes for tiny items to keep them paired and in order.

how to organise and store your jewellery
(Photographer: Brigid Arnott | Styling: Lisa Hilton)

5. Make it pretty

For your favourite, often-worn items, consider making an attractive display with them as part of your room décor.

6. Think outside the square

If you love something, find a way to make it work in your wardrobe. “I still believe in mismatched earrings,” Moda Operandi women’s fashion director Lisa Aiken told marie claire. “It’s not necessarily new news, but it feels more modern than wearing two giant matching earrings. It’s got more of an edge.”

1. Tap into the new mis-matched jewellery trend

Pair odd earrings together for an eclectic look that’s straight off the Paris catwalks.

2. Look to shells, pearls and beads

Shells are making a strong return in fashion jewellery. Accessorise by mixing old pearls with new by layering more delicate pieces with chunky statement shells.

3. Upcycle your holiday wardrobe

Take your beachy bracelets to the office by teaming a shell bracelet with a sharp blazer, or a statement piece of costume jewellery with a simple, crisp linen shirt.

After a clean sweep and an afternoon of organisation, you may find your wardrobe sparks joy for you, all over again.

Top 3 tips for upcycling jewellery you already own:
Tropcial wallpaper behind bedroom console with lamp and tribal necklace
(Photographer: Elouise Van Riet-Gray)


Home Interiors trinket box in Brass, Big W


Try rotating your jewellery pieces with an ever-changing display in this pretty glass box.


Stackable jewellery display trays, set/4, Amazon


The ultimate flexibility awaits with these clever trays designed for every type of jewellery, from rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You’ll never stress about how to store your jewellery again.


‘Gabriella’ personalised jewellery box in Nude, Hardtofind


A stunning gift for a loved one or for yourself, this pretty and practical jewellery box comes in three sizes and holds loads of jewellery, with drawers opening for selection, then tucking neatly into the elegant case. Personalise with a name or monogram for an extra special touch.


Gregory Ladner leather look jewellery roll, David Jones


Go anywhere dressed to impress with this elegant jewellery roll. Zip pockets protect small items, while a soft button-down strap secures large pieces.


Venetian 3-tier jewellery box, Bed Bath N’ Table


Hide your jewellery in plain sight with this decorative jewellery box. Three tiers of trays keep your precious pieces from tangles.

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