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We’re all about luxurious wardrobes here at HB and find that some of the best inspiration in how to pull out all the stops to create a wish list wonder tends to come our way via Hollywood – or TV land at least (hello Carrie Bradshaw!).

Perhaps no celebrity family gets it right more often than the Kardashians – a (somewhat) realistic look at just how much organisation money can buy.

With a background in retail fashion – just earlier this year the sisters closed the doors to their “Dash” stores after 12 years – they certainly have a discerning eye for clothes and find it essential to be organised in how they store and care for the overwhelming amount of fashion they keep in their homes.

A quick trip around social media will take you into the closets of all of the Kardashian family – not least Kim, who has kept almost everything she’s ever worn – all labelled and catalogued for each party, event and celebrity appearance.

Kylie has a wardrobe dedicated to just her handbags – an enviable collection of designer brands lined up on shelves, including keepsakes, fashion crushes and iconic styles.

Most recently Kris Jenner shared her incredible wardrobe via one of her favourite handbag brands Judith Leiber to show the quality and quantity gleaned  from “62 years of collecting.” Walking past ‘The Shoe Room’ and through areas dedicated to scores of black blazers, breathtaking luggage and an entire drawer of ‘Boss Lady’ luxury scarves, Kris was in her element at home saying, “This is where all my stuff – all the glitter, all the gowns… are.”

“We shoot a television show almost every single day so we have to have a lot of choices,” said Kris of the expansive assortment of rooms holding shelf after colour-coordinated shelf of evening and day bags, clothes and accessories and leisure wear.

Khloe Kardashian has a closet dedicated purely to fitness, “one of my favourite rooms of my house,” she says on her own YouTube channel, acknowledging that not everyone will have one, the upside of not having a husband to share with is that it gives her a spare closet!

Khloe says having her fitness gear all beautifully stored on display helps keep her motivated to work out and goes on to give helpful tips on how to organise clothes in colour, starting with white and ending with black, then organising by length on the hangers.

It’s some time since Kim has opened the doors to her wardrobe (see below) but, as seen on sister Kylei’s snapchat, she too has an entire wardrobe dedicated to shoes.

At the end of the day these gals can work a wardrobe and always find what they’re looking for so, for all their on screen drama, there’s nothing dysfunctional about these wardrobes.



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