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The biggest trend in BBQ cooking firing up Australians

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Keep your BBQ clean, in good shape and ready to go at the drop of a casual invitation with these four simple steps every outdoor chef should know.

Summer is the season for outdoor entertaining and there’s no better way to get everyone involved than to fire up the BBQ and cook up a storm for family and friends. Wood-fired barbecue is one of the biggest trends in Australia right now, with keen cooks building their own from scratch, kits or off the shelf from BBQ and specialist retailers.

“There are many variations of wood-fuelled barbecues and smokers and smoking or grilling meats over charcoal or wood fire is more prevalent now that in recent memory,” saysBBQ expert from Barbeques Galore Adam Roberts. “Even folks who still only have a gas grill are introducing a small wood chip filled smoker box under the hood of the gas BBQ to get in on that smokey goodness.”


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There’s nothing worse than opening the lid of your BBQ to find last week’s dinner caked onto the grill, however – a big cleaning job ahead of you before you even get started! Try Adam’s maintenance tips and tricks to stay ahead and ensure your BBQ gets the TLC it needs to survive this season.

1. Remove grills/plate(s) from barbecue after cooking and give a good brushing with a hard-bristled brush (NOT metal or wire) to remove any excess food, dust or rust spots.

2. Wash grill/plate(s) in hot soapy water to remove dust, dirt and to clean the surface areas.

3. Using a soft cloth or Chux, apply a solid coating of canola oil to cooking surfaces of the grill.

4. Return the grill to the barbeque and heat the barbeque to a high heat, applying several coats of oil to the cooking surface whilst hot until the surface returns to a dark or black colour.

How to clean and maintain a BBQ
(Credit: Barbeques Galore)

Top tips for a grungy grill:

  • If your grill is in need of some extra TLC – try soaking the grill plates in a tub of hot soapy water for several hours. This will soften build up and ease the removal process.
  • Alternatively, if they fit, you can place the grill plates in an empty dishwasher and select the heavy cycle function – then run through the oiling process once cleaned.

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