Prawn Brioche Roll

A more simple take on a classic lobster roll
Magnum + Queens

This is a take on the Lobster roll that our friends at Magnum + Queens first had in Maine about 8 years ago before they hit Australian shores.

You can try and make your own brioche buns but they are now available at lots of bakeries and even some supermarkets.




Place the chopped prawn meat in a bowl and add kewpie, tabasco, and chives. Mix through gently and season with salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste. 


Cut the brioche buns in half and butter on both sides. Toast in frypan until golden on all sides.


Spread with a little soft butter inside and line with lettuce.


Place generous amount of prawn mix in the bun and serve with a glass of Magnum + Queens ‘Fioririe’. The perfect match!


Fiorire Sparkling Tasting Notes

“Our ‘Fiorire’ sparkling is elegant, refined and has a fine, delicate bead. It has hints of oyster shell flint, hazelnut kernel and a touch of lemon zing to finish,” says sommelier and Magnum + Queens Wine co-founder Virginia Selleck. “It is the perfect summertime drink with its fresh and focused palate structure of apple blossom and citrus characters. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!”

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