Upgrade your IKEA furniture with these high-end designer hacks

IKEA hacks have spawned an entire design subculture - and it's all gorgeous!

Designers all over the world are now creating their own high-end IKEA hacks to help homeowners and interiors lovers upgrade their IKEA furniture.

Ikea continues to collaborate with designers to produce edgy and on trend ranges, as well as extending its base range with pieces designed with sustainability and the long term in mind.

That said, we all love an IKEA hack– the furniture giant itself encourages the attitude that its range can be the perfect springboard for our own interior design experimentation – at an affordable price.

It seems we’re not the only interiors addicts who entertain this line of thinking. IKEA is merely a blueprint for a growing number of design companies who have embraced the retail giant’s design aesthetic and taken it even further with their own custom-designed ranges of upgrades to standard IKEA furniture that can give it an entirely personalised look in your home.

Swedish company Superfront create a range of cabinetry fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops to fit IKEA’s most popular cabinetry frames, creating kitchens, bathrooms and storage that is unrecognizable from its originally intended form. Their legs and handles are available to be shipped to Australia.

Also coming out of Sweden since 2012 are a collection of delightfully designed legs, knobs and fronts by Prettypegs, who believe both in the importance of affordable design and the powerful potential of upcycling a piece to reimagine in your home, rather than buying new.

On the softer side but still with sustainability at the top of their manifesto, Bemz creates custom sewn design covers to fit IKEA sofas and armchairs with the results again a world away from the original and not least because they too ship to Australia.

It’s the flexibility of the IKEA ranges that is inherent to their design that allows for so many permutations, such as the truly Scandinavian style of Norse Interiors range of options for storage cabinets, TV stands, furniture legs, knobs and drawer pulls.

Many designers concentrate on one or two IKEA staple designs, such as the Besta storage system which already has chameleon-like possibilities with the off-the-rack choices on offer at IKEA itself, however for those who can’t see past the catalogue, this might be the perfect balance of bespoke and high street for your home.


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