Kitchen Renovations

5 ways to create a happier kitchen you love

Rediscover a passion for cooking with a kitchen that makes the process a breeze.
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A beautiful kitchen can sell a house, and property walkthroughs often sell the dream of an oversized kitchen island surrounded by friends and family as they share a grazing platter, glasses of bubbly while preparing a delicious meal together.

But even the most beautiful and well-equipped entertainer’s kitchen can start to feel uninspiring when you work in it every day, preparing mid-week meals, kids’ lunches and stacking the dishwasher at the end of a long day.

With a constant whirlwind of activity going on in the kitchen, it’s easy for things to become a little chaotic and disorganised. We talked to interior designer and Electrolux Ambassador, Anna-Carin McNamara for her top tips on how to reclaim your kitchen.

1. Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen

Clean the sink every night clean (and even polish it), so the next morning things are tidy for the start of the day. There’s nothing worse than waking up and seeing a messy kitchen

If you entertain, cook for a large family, or regularly batch cook, investing in a dishwasher that can accommodate all of your dishes is a worthy investment. It will prevent you from running multiple loads, hand-washing those items that don’t quite fit into the machine (or leaving them to sit on the sink until the morning).  

White galley kitchen with dark floorboards
The kitchen’s prep space blends past and present in this refreshing Federation-era home on Sydney’s North Shore. (Credit: Photography: Ran Linnegar | Styling: Fiona Gould)

2. Organisation is key

Organise and plan your kitchen so the tools you use all the time are easily accessible, so that using them becomes second nature and you’re not spending time looking for specific utensils such as bowls, graters or crushers. Purchase good quality utensils so you’re not having to replace them often.

White marble kitchen with organised pantry
Bespoke kitchen joinery delivers functionality and plenty of storage in the butler’s pantry and kitchen of this idyllic waterfront home on the Gold Coast. (Credit: Photographer: John Downs)

3. Add sentimental items

Bring your personality into the kitchen by using open shelving to display artwork and treasured items that bring you joy when you see them. It will make being in the kitchen feel like less of a chore to have touches of items you love.

4. Make each meal an occasion

Always set the table when you eat, don’t just save the tablecloth, place mats, candles and flowers for when you have guests over. It brings a sense of occasion to every meal, including breakfast, and can help build connections with loved ones while you’re self-isolating.

Coastal style dining room
The vast kitchen dining table in this Cape Cod-inspired home on the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place for the family to gather. (Credit: Photographer: Anastasia Kariofyllidis)

5. Integrate appliances

Where possible, integrate appliances to create a seamless look in your kitchen design. If they’re on display, make sure you coordinate with the joinery – it makes a big difference and since the kitchen is an area you’re likely to be in every day, you will notice the little things.

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