A farmer’s top three cuts of beef

"I love a good steak," says beef farmer Alastair McLaren. And he should know!
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If anyone should have an opinion on the best cuts of meat, it’s a passionate Aussie beef farmer, right? In episode 14 of Cooks Co-op, Alastair McLaren of Hawkesbury region Angus beef farm, Paddock to Plate, shares his top three cuts of beef. Consider his advice the next time you visit your local butcher.


1. Flat iron steak

Coming from the shoulder and the forequarter of the beef, Alastair believes flat iron steak is “second only in tenderness to an eye fillet, but with loads more flavour”.

2. Brisket

“Brisket is just a totally under-rated piece of meat,” remarks Alastair. Taken from the breast section of the beef, Alastair goes on to explain that it has “so much flavour, [it’s] so juicy – but requires a different style of cooking”. The perfect cut for slow-cooking on the barbecue, Alastair comments that in Australia “we’ve really started to adopt the American low and slow technique of cooking brisket”.

3. Rump steak

A rump steak is sourced from the hindquarter and the muscle above the hip bone of the beef. “You’ve got five different muscle groups, and they all have different eating qualities – slightly different flavour, and they’re a big piece of steak. I love a good steak!” says Alastair. “I love a barbecued rump steak – there’s just nothing better!”

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