Breakfast ideas that are much more exciting than cereal

Cheaper than a cafe outing, too.
berry and hazelnut granola fool

Sometimes you just want a breakfast that’s more exciting than plain old toast or cereal. Not that you want to be spending too much time whipping anything up. The best breakfasts are fast, filling and tasty.

These breakfast ideas are as good as you’d get in a cafe – not to mention way more affordable to make yourself. Think avocado on toast with a dukkah twist and bacon and eggs in hash brown nests.

If you’re after healthy breakfast ideas, there’s an easy banana pancake recipe. The protein balls will go down well for a commute on the way to work or running out the door to snap up Kmart’s new collection, while smoked salmon gets in your omega-3 before the day even begins. Commit these simple breakfast recipes to memory and add them to your rotation.

Banana pancakes

These better-for-you banana pancakes are so easy to make and will give you a nourishing start to the day. They’re light and fluffy, just as pancakes should be.

Get the recipe for banana pancakes.

banana pancakes
(Credit: Photography: Louise Keats)

Bacon and eggs in hash brown nests

These potato nests are packed with bacon, egg and cheese for a protein-packed start to the day. Make extras and save them for an easy snack later in the day.

Get the recipe for bacon and eggs in hash brown nests.

bacon and eggs in hash brown nests
(Credit: Photography: Cath Muscat)

Avocado toast with fetta dukkah

We’re thrilled to share this fabulous recipe excerpt from Farmer cookbook. It’s a simple way to turn avocado on toast into an even tastier dish that will stand up to any cafe meal. It’s the balsamic and maple syrup that seals the deal.

Get the recipe for avocado toast with fetta dukkah.

avocado toast
(Credit: Photography: Luisa Brimble)

Pistachio and cranberry protein balls

Making your own protein balls is a great way to fuel up fast. Packed with fruit and nuts, these will provide a burst of energy to get your morning started.

Get the recipe for pistachio and cranberry protein balls.

pistachio and cranberry protein balls
(Credit: Photography: Nicky Ryan)

Smoked salmon breakfast pizza

Fresh and topped with smoked salmon, these breakfast pizzas are a fancy and delicious way to start the day. 

Get the recipe for smoked salmon breakfast pizza.

smoked salmon breakfast pizza
(Credit: Photography: Cath Muscat)

Berry and hazelnut granola fool

Calling all granola fans… You’re going to love this berry and hazelnut delight. With layers of mixed berries, Greek yoghurt and a granola mix that’s delicious, you’ll want to eat this on repeat.

Get the recipe for Berry and hazelnut granola fool.

berry and hazelnut granola fool
(Credit: Photography: Courtesy of New Idea Food)

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