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Parties and picnics just took a turn for the warm and fuzzy with the reinvention of cocktails… in a can.

If, like us you:

a) love cocktails

b) love picnics

c) love convenience

…grab a bunch of friends and combine all three with the latest chapter in the beverage revolution.

This is the perfect beverage to take on a picnic
(Credit: Curatif)

The days of turning up our noses at pre-mixed drinks are long gone and now that we’re used to drinking wine in a can, we can take things one step further and set the scene with pre-mixed cocktails.

Cocktail innovators Curatif has jumped on the cocktail campaign to harness the talents of Australia’s most awarded and best-loved craft distilleries, Four Pillars Gin and Archie Rose Distilling Co to create quality cocktails ready to drink, and they’re a little bit posh.

Starting with two classics – the Negroni and Espresso Martini – what’s not to like? “Driven by quality, convenience and sustainability, we’ve achieved a new product category, the ultra-premium, ready to serve, canned cocktail that allows us to elevate the drinking occasion and entertaining experience at home,” says Curatif co-founder, Matt Sanger.

Introducing the Four Pillars Negroni and Archie Rose Espresso Martini in a can
(Credit: Curatif)

“Every detail from the Espresso Martini foam to the balance of Negroni ingredients has been carefully crafted with our brand partners to achieve perfection.”

Matt Sanger, Curatif co-founder

The best bit is that just like a cocktail made for you in a bar, there’s a little bit of ceremony behind the preparation but all the hard work has been done for you – much like pouring a can of Guinness.

Shake, wait, tap, pour and you’ll get a lovely foam on top of a perfectly mixed cocktail, every time. “For the espresso martini, we have also worked with Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters to develop a unique espresso that would work with nitrogen to sustain the cocktail quality in a canned format.”

If you’re looking for an excuse to combine cocktails with a cosy picnic, ditch the Thermos and grab a tinny instead.

Available from Dan Murphy’s, selected liquor stores throughout Australia and Curatif.

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