This is the secret to the perfect taco

We chat with Mexican-born Ricardo Amare del Castillo about his latest cookbook 'Tacos'
Shrimp Coconut Tacos // TACOS by Ricardo Amare del Castillo

In his new book Tacos, Mexican-born restaurateur and author Ricardo Amare del Castillo shares his journey to becoming ‘a representative of modern Mexico half way around the world’ as well as his all-time favourite taco and sauce recipes. Home Beautiful asked Ricardo a few questions and got him to unveil the secrets to making the perfect taco.  

What prompted you to put together this book?

Ricardo: I came to Australia with one dream, to share the flavours of Mexico, and to share the authenticity of one of Mexico’s beloved dishes: Tacos. To launch this book with New Holland is the culmination of this dream and one of the most significant steps in my restauranteur career.

What is the key to making authentic tacos?

Ricardo: The key element for me are the tortillas – they have to be fresh or homemade and the same goes for the salsa. That and lots of Mexican love!

Tacos by Ricardo Amare del Castillo
(Credit: Tacos by Ricardo Amare del Castillo)

Why are tacos so great for summer?

Ricardo:  Tacos are so simple to make, and it’s easy to incorporate fresh ingredients. My favourites in the summer are seafood tacos with citrus flavouring.

Do you think tacos are a bit of a trend food at the moment?

Ricardo: I think Mexican food is claiming a revolution around the world. You can see world-renowned chefs like Enrique Olvera with his restaurant Cosme in New York, which won ‘best restaurant’ in the country last year – or Rene Redzepi with his successful Noma pop-up in Tulum (Mexico). It’s great to see tacos and Mexican cuisine being shared and rediscovered around the world.

Lemon Lamb Tacos
(Credit: Lemon Lamb Tacos // Tacos by Ricardo Amare Del Castillo )

What’s your all-time favourite taco filling? 

Ricardo: It has to be either prawns or Lamb Barbacoa.

Any secret cooking tips you can share with our readers? 

Ricardo: Tortillas and salsas are the secrets to great tacos – but don’t forget about all the additional toppings like lemon slices, guacamole, chambray onions and jalapeños tornados.


Feel inspired? Pick up Tacos by Ricardo Amare del Castillo for your next Mexican-themed soirée and for a selection of recipes click here, here and here. 

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