5 creative ways to decorate a non-working fireplace

Gorgeous ideas for an instant makeover

A fireplace is often the focal point of a room, but happens if it doesn’t work? Or you want to give it a makeover during the warmer months?

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Here, we’ve rounded up 5 gorgeous and creative ways to decorate a fireplace so it can take centre stage. Let’s get started. 

1. Statement plant

What to do with a dark, empty fireplace? Give it an instant boost with a vibrant living plant. Here, a majestic maidenhair fern sets the verdant scene. 

2. Disco balls

Create an eye-catching scene with a pile of disco balls in your fireplace. They’ll not only catch and reflect light around the room, it will also introduce a sense of fun to your space.

3. Firewood

It might seem like an obvious choice, but a carefully arranged pile of logs can transform your dark and empty fireplace into an object of beauty.

4. Balloons

If you’re throwing a party at home, use your fireplace to create a festive focal point in your space. A pile of balloons makes a grand statement. 

5. Storage

Here, the fireplace has been transformed into a functional storage space for books, magazines and a wine rack. Surrounded by plants, it creates an eclectic look in the living room.

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