Why you want to paint everything pink

It's not for everyone.
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Pink is not for everyone. It’s the colour of a sunset, the brand new skin of a baby, the nose on a tiny kitten and the ever-loving flamingo. Pink is a colour associated with love and, unlike its fiery colour counterpart red, is said to stimulate the senses to provide a calming influence.

If you find yourself gravitating towards the pinks on the colour chart, you may be craving a refuge from the busy life you lead, or a sanctuary to relax within. 

The allure of Millennial pink took the world by storm with its blushing warmth pairing beautifully with timbers and golden metallic hues in interiors. If the concept of colour therapy is to be believed – where colours are used to elicit an emotional response – the whole world needs to take an emotional break because the good news is it that pink continues to feature on trend forecasts – perhaps as an antidote to the frantic, digitally-driven pass that persists in our lives.

If you’re on board and are still looking to bring a little blush into your spaces at home, rather than choosing a hue with blue tones which may render it a little too ‘lolly pink’, opt for a tone with a warm base, tending towards yellows.

If you’re not convinced, take a scroll through your Instagram feed, which will yield over 112 million pictures with the #pink hashtag. Now tell us we don’t all need a little colour therapy!

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