5 of the most important details when styling your home for sale

Expert advice on how to ensure you’ve covered all bases

When it comes to selling your home, good styling can make a significant difference to that final figure. We caught up with Amy Smith, former property stylist and founder of Sydney based hire company Huntley + Co to uncover the most important elements when styling to sell.

1. Take yourself out of the equation

“When styling a home for sale you need to look at the home through the buyers eyes. It’s no longer about what you love, but what will appeal to the buyer,” says Amy. Before the photoshoot and the open inspections, pack away family photos and personal heirlooms to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home.

contemporary bedroom
(Credit: Simon Whitbread)

2. Know your target market
Ask your agent about the demographic likely to be interested. “Whether it’s a young family, a down-sizer, or a professional couple … whoever it might be, really make sure the look is tailored to that demographic,” Amy suggests.

3. Consider the layout
The layout is always the most important thing when it comes to styling a house for sale. “The way you live in a house is quite different from the way you style it for sale,” Amy warns. “When you’re living in a home, it’s all about what you love, comfort and function. However, when you’re selling, you need to think about how the people are going to be navigating their way through the property during an open home.” The placement of the sofa and television is a prime example. “When living in a home, you want the sofa positioned to face the television so it’s comfortable to watch, but when you’re selling you might need to move that sofa to allow access and flow through the property.”

outdoor setting
(Credit: Huntley + Co)

4. Scale back the key pieces
Consider the size of furniture in the home – and possibly bring in smaller versions when necessary. “A king-size bed is amazing to live with, but it can take up a lot of space. If you’ve got five buyers standing in a bedroom with a king-size bed, it can make the room feel really cramped.” This is when a furniture hire company like Huntley + Co can come in handy.

Dining area
(Credit: Huntley + Co)

5. Avoid a showroom atmosphere
While it’s important to pare back the personal touch, a little warmth is still important to make sure it doesn’t feel too cold. “Give the property warmth and character through layers, texture, and tones that feel like a home – just make sure it’s nothing polarising,” Amy says.

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