Hugo spritz cocktail

Easy to make and delightfully fresh, the Hugo Spritz is summer served in a glass.
Hugo spritz and negroni sbagliato cocktails.Photography: Con Poulos / Styling: Kerrie-Ann Jones

Summer calls for refreshing cocktails like the Hugo Spritz—a mix of prosecco and soda water with lively notes of elderflower and mint, served over ice. Originating in Northern Italy in 2005, the recipe opts for elderflower liqueur instead of an aperitif, distinguishing the cocktail from the slightly bitter Aperol Spritz. As one of hostess Stephanie Conley Buhre’s go-to cocktail recipes, the Hugo Spritz is easy to whip up for casual get-togethers or sophisticated events.




Take 2 large red wine glasses and fill with half of the ice and add 100ml of Prosecco to each. Add 30ml of the liqueur to each and top with soda water. Give each a stir and garnish with fresh mint.

Hugo spritz and negroni sbagliato cocktails.
The Hugo Spritz (top) served with fresh mint and a slice of lime. (Photography: Con Poulos / Styling: Kerrie-Ann Jones )
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