3 secrets to looking stylish in your caravan

You'll never look like a hot mess when camping again.
Camplify caravan hire lenni kip and coImage: Kobe Jade Photography

The whole idea of caravanning is to be stripped back to basics, spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the great outdoors. Of course we know that. But there’s no need to go bare-minimum when it comes to style. 

It is a holiday, after all, and if we can’t head to Europe right now and have a tomato girl summer (thanks, cost of living), why not make holidaying near home a little more cool? Who can blame you for wanting your house on wheels to look luxe with a few extra comforts? After all, The Block alumni Michael and Carlene manage to look dreamy in their vintage caravan, so why can’t we? 

If you lean towards lovely aesthetics like we do, you’ll be pleased to know that Aussie caravan hire platform Camplify recently collaborated with Kip & Co. The iconic homewares and lifestyle brand has decked out Lenni, which is one of Camplify’s most vibey hire vans, with the best of the best decor. 

camplify caravan hire lenni kip and co bedding
Camplify hire caravan Lenni looks beautiful thanks to Kip & Co’s Maldives and Toasted Marshmallow bedding. (Image: Kobe Jade Photography)

It’s been elevated by Kip & Co’s vibrant quilts and enamelware, pretty picnic pieces and beach products so it basically feels like a designer stay. It’s available to hire until December 2023 so you can live out your glamping fantasy and look just like influencer family Katie Stewart and Luke Donnelly with little Maeve, pictured with Lenni.

camplify caravan hire lenni kip and co
The kitchen is stocked with an eclectic mix of Kip & Co enamelware. (Image: Kobe Jade Photography)

We chatted to Camplify CEO Justin Hales to get his tips to caravanning like the style set year round.

3 secrets to looking like an influencer family in your caravan

camplify caravan hire lenni kip and co
Pack lightweight wooden foldable chairs and a table that you can style with a vibrant tablecloth and textural rug for that cool-factor. (Image: Kobe Jade Photography)

1. Go the extra style mile

It’s tempting to go basic when it comes to styling a caravan but it’s so worth including pieces that will elevate the space, even if it is just for a short road trip. “Add fairy lights as an affordable and easy way to give your van a cosy vibe,” says Camplify CEO Justin Hales. He also suggests playing with colour in a way you might not at home so you get the feeling you’re somewhere special. “It doesn’t get much easier than throwing a few cushions into the mix or a throw rug,” he says. It might seem silly but styling your caravan in a way that’s playful and polished will make up for the lack of room service.

camplify caravan hire lenni kip and co
Little touches like bright pillows make your home on wheels feel chic. (Image: Kobe Jade Photography)

2. Don’t be too precious

Embrace style but don’t let it weigh you down. “Leave large appliances, bulky decor and any items that don’t have multiple uses at home,” says Justin. “Consider foldable chairs or beds, space-saving kitchen gadgets and stackable items such as cups and plates.” Bring things you love as long as they won’t make you feel overcrowded. Leave the breakables behind. Ditch the heels in favour of Birkenstocks or bare feet and embrace laidback elegance like Collette Dinnigan

camplify caravan hire lenni kip and co table setting
Even basics can feel luxurious if chosen thoughtfully. (Image: Kobe Jade Photography)

3. Do your research

A stress-free traveller is a stylish one. “Always research ahead of your trip, looking up caravan-friendly parking and getting to know the roads,” advises Justin. “Try to drive during off-peak hours when fewer vehicles are out to make navigation easier.” It can be an adjustment if you haven’t driven a larger vehicle before so take your time and keep the speed down while you’re getting used to it. Be sure to plan the finer details, too, like scenic places you want to visit, gourmet food you want to eat and activities you want to do. Think yoga at sunrise, stargazing with champagne or clay masks by a river.  

camplify caravan hire lenni kip and co
It’s all about relaxing and making memories at the end of the day. (Image: Kobe Jade Photography)

To hire Lenni or another caravan, head to the Camplify website.

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