This is your new favourite summer cocktail

Spoiler: contains Prosecco!
Magnum + Queens

We love finding new ways to drink sparkling wine and this beauty from the gals at Magnum + Queens is a fabulous twist on an age-old refresher that once graced aristocratic Venetian tables. 

“Sgroppino” is perfect for a refreshing summer cocktail or as a simple refreshing dessert.

“It’s usually made by whipping up lemon sorbet Prosecco and limoncello. Our version leaves the sorbet intact as a light and refreshing float.”

Kirsten Dickie, Magnum + Queens




Place sorbet into a wide rimmed wine glass.


Add Limoncello.

“We use applewood Distillery Limoncello from Adelaide Hills made with two types of lemons from South Australia’s oldest citrus plantation,” says Kirsten.


Top with Puncheon Darts Prosecco from King Valley, Victoria. 



Serve. Repeat.


Sgroppino is the perfect refreshing cocktail for a hot summers day.

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