White chocolate Christmas pavlova recipe

There's nothing better than a classic pavlova for Christmas lunch, and Wendy Moore from Selling Houses Australia has just the recipe!
White forest pavlova with raspberries and strawberries.Photography: Cath Muscat/The Interiors Edit / Styling: Imogene Abady

Take it from Wendy Moore – Christmas is all about family traditions, including her go-to recipes for holiday lunch like the iconic pavlova. A delightful meringue adorned with luscious raspberries and marinated strawberries, this white forest pavlova promises to be a show-stopping Christmas dessert and a tasty way to end a meal. Top with fresh berries for a burst of sweetness or a sprinkling of chopped pistachios to add a delicious crunch.

White forest pavlova with raspberries and strawberries.
(Photography: Cath Muscat/The Interiors Edit / Styling: Imogene Abady)




Preheat oven to 100°C (80°C fan-forced). Trace two 20cm circles onto two pieces of baking paper. Grease two large oven trays and place baking paper onto prepared trays.


Beat egg whites and sugar in the large bowl of an electric mixer for 10–12 minutes until thick glossy peaks form. Spoon evenly onto circles and spread out to edges of circles. Bake for 2 hours until crisp on the base. You can test by gently lifting one side of meringue off paper to see if dry on the base.


Turn oven off and allow to cool in oven with door ajar. Meringues can be made up to two days ahead.


To macerate strawberries, combine sugar and water in a bowl until dissolved. Stir in Chambord and strawberries.


Whip cream until semi-firm peaks hold. Place a meringue disc on a serving plate or cake stand and spread with a few big dollops of the cream. Sprinkle with half the grated chocolate. Top with some of the raspberries.


Place remaining meringue disc on top and decorate with more cream, white chocolate, raspberries and marinated strawberries.


Serve sprinkled with edible flowers and a dusting of icing sugar.

Selling Houses Australia Wendy Moore Home Christmas Tree and Dog
Wendy’s Christmas table is lit by candles in brass holders, all from Studio McKenna. Glassware, platters and linen napkins are all from Suzie Anderson Home. (Photography: Cath Muscat/The Interiors Edit / Styling: Imogene Abady)

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