The top 20 bathroom design trends on Instagram

From black taps to dual sinks, pure white tiles to popular plants

To discover the top bathroom trends for this year, Harvey Water Softeners analysed over 3.3 million images across five hashtags to find the most popular design features.

Among the top trends were pure white tiles, dual sinks and devil’s ivy hanging plants.

“More and more people are embracing colour in the bathroom, so I’m a bit surprised that white tiles are so prominent on Instagram,” says Naomi Nunn, interior designer from

“It is no surprise however that Devils Ivy is so popular as people are finding various new ways to embrace nature into their daily lives. Freestanding baths are also very coveted, they are really a wishlist or luxury item and with space being at a premium, companies are introducing more compact versions allowing more people to embrace this dream at home.”

Other strong trends included black taps, rustic wooden shelves, recessed shelving and woven baskets.

The top 20 bathroom design trends, in order of frequency in top posts, were found to be the following:

1 Pure white tiles

2 Dual sinks/his and her sinks

3 Devils Ivy hanging plant

4 Freestanding oval bath

5 Geometric tiles

6 Circular mirrors

7 Rainfall showers

8 Gold taps

9 Black taps

10 In-shower recessed shelves

12 Silver taps

12 Boho rugs

13 Marble sink basin

14 Woven baskets

15 Floating sinks

16 Gold-framed mirrors

17 Rustic pine shelves

18 Black-framed mirrors

19 Black shower door

20 Black towel rail

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