Looking to invest in a duck-down duvet? Consider these alternatives instead

Duck-down alternatives that are just as cosy.
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When looking for options for a duck-down duvet for winter, one question that lingers is: what is duck-down? And, more importantly, how is it made?

Duck-down, known for its superior insulating properties, are often found in winter essentials such as puffer jackets or a cosy duvet. However, finding duck-down alternatives is a better option for those who are conscious of how this material is sourced. 

(Credit: Photography: Monique Lovick)

What does duck down mean?

Duck-down duvets are filled with a material that is made from a very light and fluffy cluster of filaments that are found at the base of a large duck feather. These feathers are undeniably soft and provide excellent insulation. However, for the conscious shopper, finding ethically sourced duck-down is tricky.

Is duck-down ethical?

The question on everyone’s lips: is duck-down ethical? Or further, is ethical duck-down available? 

In short, yes, ethical duck-down is available, and Eiderdown takes the crown in this regard. Sourced from the Eider species of duck, eiderdown is hand collected from nests. This collection of down feathers that have already fallen off a duck is the most ethically sourced from an animal welfare point of view. However, due to its labour-intensive process, duvets filled with Eiderdown are expensive and hard to come by. 

On the other hand, mass-produced duck-down is sourced as a by-product of the food industry. So, for those who prefer staying away from animal products, you may be looking for an alternative to duck-down in your winter bedding.

(Credit: Photography: Ryan Linnegar)

What are some good duck-down alternatives?

If you’re keen to upgrade your winter bedding for a down alternative, you’re at the right place. Here, we’ve curated our top picks of the best duck-down duvet alternatives to shop this season.

The best duck-down duvet alternatives 


Everyday down alternative quilt, from $143.99 (usually $239.99), Sheridan Outlet

Suitable for use all year round, the Everday down alternative quilt from Sheridan features a built-in antibacterial treatment and is filled with soft polyester for a similar feel and warmth to a down quilt. 



Gainsborough down alternative quilt, from $68.98 (usually $137.95), Tontine

Filled with microfibre polyester, this down alternative quilt from Gainsborough is luxuriously soft and will keep you warm all season long. Plus, its box-stitched construction keeps the fill evenly distributed for a comfortable night’s sleep. 



Down alternative quilt, from $319, Ettitude

Vegan and cruelty-free, this down alternative quilt from Ettitude is made from bamboo and recycled water bottles that are spun into fibres to create an ultra-fluffy quilt. The cover is crafted with a twill weave made with the brand’s exclusive, sustainable, CleanBamboo material that is breathable and cooling. 



Hypoallergenic down alternative quilts, from $59.99 (usually $99.99), Canningvale

Cover yourself in luxury every night with this down alternative quilt from Canningvale. Perfect for the allergy-prone, this duvet is Ultra Fresh anti-microbial treated, meaning it inhibits the growth of dust mites, bacteria and mould. Filled with soft microfibre polyester with a warmth rating of six out of 10, this duvet is your winter bedtime companion. 



Accessorize down alternative microfibre all seasons quilt, from $89.95 (usually $109), Temple & Webster

Filled with a sumptuous microfibre that emulates similar properties to down, this down alternative quilt is as cosy as it gets. Plus, it’s treated with Purafresh making it a great option for those who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. 



Heritage Feels Like Down quilt, from $74.98 (usually $149.95), Myer

As the name suggests, this quilt ‘feels like down’. It’s filled with light and soft microfibre polyester that is oh-so-comfy making cold nights a thing of the past. It’s also treated for protection against bacteria and dust mites to maintain freshness.


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