2017 Trend Forecast: Modern Wanderer

As worldwide influences are brought through our front door, they’re spun and shaped into something fresh and new with a classic Australian twist
Chris Warnes

As technology advances, borders recede, bringing the colours and styles of the world to our door. The magic happens when our Australian perspective distils those exotic offerings, mixes them with our own environment then shapes it all into something fresh and new. Modern Wanderer is tuned by nature to produce a romantic global vision tinted in shades that mimic desert sands, sun-bleached timbers, rainforest greens and ocean blues, with soft pink notes that echo an early morning sky. Textures are robust and knotted, earthy, matt and roughly hewn.

An earthy palette with hints of forest green. (Credit: Chris Warnes)

Matt textures, earthy ceramics and knotted textiles offset by rainforest greens and deep ocean blues conjure a mood that’s worldly and warm.

Muted, familiar colours reference australia’s desert sands, sunbleached timbers and the soft pinks of early morning skies

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