The Modern Barn home: serenity and simplicity made for modern living

Humble by name, but today's reimagined barn is a stylish, spacious family sanctuary.
barn style modern home

The allure of the barn style home lies in its timeless appeal, blending rustic charm with modern sensibilities. Increasingly, Australians are being drawn to the barn style for its promise of a simpler, more serene lifestyle when seeking a retreat from hectic urban life. The style has been forecast as an influential modern home style for 2024 and beyond, so here’s the rundown.  

What makes the barn style distinctive?

Defined by a steeply pitched gable roof, vaulted ceilings, and unmistakable shape reminiscent of classic Nordic barns, the style is generally separated into distinct design aesthetics: classic, vintage, rustic or traditional. At their core, all barn designs foster a sense of tranquillity and wellbeing, making it ideal for those who are looking for a sense of ease in their living spaces.

Vaulted ceilings and vast windows are a hallmark of the barn style home.

Inspired by the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, the style creates a home designed for contentment and comfort, based around Nordic minimalism and characterised by simple, versatile spaces with an inviting atmosphere.

Exterior hallmarks of barn house style

Architecturally, the Modern Barn reinterprets traditional barn structures through a contemporary lens. Features such as a symmetrical, steeply pitched roof, an absence of eaves and a range of oversized floor-to-ceiling windows provide long, clean lines.

Elevated craftmanship and meticulous attention to detail—such as sandstone accents and curved archways—add personality, texture and charming accents.

The barn has enormous street appeal with its pitched roof and clean lines.

The integration of classic design hallmarks and innovative cladding materials illustrate a commitment to craftsmanship, enhancing the barn’s exterior with vertically grooved panels that balance aesthetic appeal with durability.

Creating drama and visual interest, vertical cladding also adds dimension to barn house facades with wide grooves and design flexibility using Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding.
The deep-grooved horizontal lines of Stria™ Cladding highlight the wide, open-walled characteristic of barn style architecture.

Barn house interior design features

Barn interior spaces are airy and uncluttered, with vaulted ceilings and expansive windows integral to their character and maximising natural light.

Echoing the exterior design style and inspired by Nordic minimalism, naturally textured furnishings and internal barn doors between rooms capture natural light and foster an open-plan layout that enhances flow and a sense of spaciousness throughout the home.

Natural textures and Scandi-inspired minimalism are key interior design features of barn homes.

Building a Modern Barn house

Not only does the barn visually represent a pared-back aesthetic, but this austerity can also make it more cost-efficient to build than other styles. By focusing on only essential elements and avoiding unnecessary extravagance, it resonates with both homeowners and builders alike.

For those inspired to replicate the barn style, the James Hardie Barn Design Handbook is an invaluable resource. It details essential elements like the steep gable roof, barn-shaped exterior, and strategic use of materials such as Hardie™ Oblique™ Cladding and Stria™ Cladding, which help to create the barn’s distinctive form and its visual impact.

Whether at home in the countryside or integrated into an urban landscape, the barn style is a modern classic that transcends trends with a blend of tradition and innovation for modern living.

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