Jeremiah Brent is Queer Eye’s new interior design expert

The new host has been called a worthy replacement by fans.
Portrait of Jeremiah Brent, Queer Eye's new host and interior design expert.Image: Getty

Finding a replacement for Queer Eye’s beloved design expert Bobby Berk was always going to be tough. But fans of the show are today rejoicing over the news that interior designer and television personality Jeremiah Brent will become the Fab 5’s newest member, alongside established hosts Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown and Tan France. He is set to make his debut in Season 9, which will begin production in Las Vegas over the coming months. 

If the name Jeremiah Brent rings a bell, it’s because he’s already hosted several successful television shows including Nate and Jeremiah by Design from 2017 to 2019 (alongside husband, fellow interior designer Nate Berkus) and Queer Eye’s wedding spin-off Say I Do, in 2020. 

Interior designer and television personality Jeremiah Brent has been running his own interior design firm since 2012. (Image: Getty)

Who is Jeremiah Brent?

He launched his own design firm Jeremiah Brent Design (JBD) in 2012, opened homewares and lifestyle store Atrio in 2022 and co-produces the Nate + Jeremiah Furniture line for Living Spaces.

If that’s not enough, he also hosts an interior design podcast. It’s called Ideas of Order and has featured special guests including the likes of Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, Althena Calderone and soon-to-be-fellow-Queer-Eye-cast-member, Tan France. His book, The Space that Keeps You: When Home Becomes a Love Story will be released in early March. 

Take a look at Jeremiah’s past work

You don’t need to scroll far through Jeremiah’s Instagram feed to realise the guy has taste and range. His design work includes the renovation of his own West Village townhouse (co-designed with Nate), a New York City apartment and two separate homes in Brentwood, California.

Chez Green, Washington, D.C

Another project, located in Washington, D.C. saw Jeremiah completely transform the layout of a three-storey, 1914-era row house for a young family. The homeowners were thrilled with the renovation, which included completely flipping the home’s central staircase. “He really opened up the entire house so that we were able to take advantage of the entire home in ways we hadn’t considered,” they told Architectural Digest.

Brentwood II, Brentwood, CA

One of Jeremiah’s latest projects was the design of a spec house in Los Angeles. For this project, he swapped light, bright interiors for deeper hues and a moody materials palette.

How have the other Fab 5 members responded?

Only time will tell how Jeremiah will slot into the show’s existing lineup, but if the supportive comment from fellow Fab 5 member Tan France is anything to go by, he’ll fit right in. “Overjoyed!” wrote Tan France on an Instagram post by Architectural Digest.

Fans of the show were also quick to share their elation on Reddit, “Wow, I was so upset that Bobby was leaving and they were recasting but … this is such an excellent choice! I’m so excited now,” wrote one user. 

Even though we will miss Bobby Berk, Jeremiah’s impressive CV (and a scroll through his Instagram feed) is enough to convince us that everything will be okay. Now we can breathe a collective sigh of relief and wait for the next season to come out!

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