One sink, two ways: How colour can transform a space

Home Beautiful stylist Lucy Gough shows how a colour swap affects the mood of your room.
Lucy Gough The Home Style Handbook Red BathroomPhotography: Simon Bevan

Depending on your mood board and the vibe of your home, you can make the bathroom look completely different, no matter what your budget or design preferences.

Here are two visuals to show how vastly different you could make one room using very similar items (the sink, mirror, wall lamp).

Orange bathroom

Anna and John built this amazing bathroom when they renovated the loft space of their beautiful home. The couple’s starting point was an ornate cabinet (you can just see it bottom right) and they decided to build the rest of the room around it. They echoed the timber with a small wooden mirror and splashed a burnt orange paint on the walls.

Adding a shelf to the windowsill and behind the sink gave the room more functionality – something that is easy to do if you start a room from scratch. A tall mixer tap would fight with the shelf behind the sink, so these low traditional taps work better.

Installing tongue-and-groove panelling is more expensive than wallpaper, but you could keep the costs down if you have the carpentry skills to do this yourself. Make sure you think about the lighting early on, as an electrician will have to wire the exact spot behind the tongue and groove for the light fixture.

Lucy Gough The Home Style Handbook Red Bathroom
(Photography: Simon Bevan)

Blue bathroom

Caroline designed this calm, simple and stylish bathroom with dimensions similar to Anna and John’s but opted for a muted statement wallpaper and contrasting scalloped mirror.

Pale blue, white and a touch of black have a 1920s feel. Caroline has used premium wallpaper, but you can also opt for a less expensive option.

Using a tall mixer tap like the one here gives a feeling of elegance in keeping with the rest of the room.

Lucy Gough The Home Style Handbook Blue Bathroom
(Photography: Simon Bevan)

Using a wall covering will instantly make a room feel more high-end. Panelling or wallpaper enhances walls in a way that cannot be achieved with a flat painted surface.

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Stylist Lucy Gough book The Home Style Handbook
(Styling: Lucy Gough / Photography: Simon Bevan)

This excerpt from The Home Style Handbook by Lucy Gough, published by Hachette, is featured with permission.

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