The best blinds for summer

Bring in the sunlight while blocking the heat with this versatile option.

As summer brings the heat, finding ways to keep your home cool and comfortable becomes a priority. Vertical blinds are a top selection for this season. Unlike traditional horizontal blinds, vertical blinds have upright slats or panels that can be easily adjusted to control light and airflow. They’re not simply a stylish window covering; they can reduce indoor heat and control sunlight so you can enjoy summer in a cooler, more comfortable home. Here’s what to consider when selecting your vertical blinds.

Choose light colours

Summer is synonymous with light, airy colours, and your vertical blinds can play a big part in achieving that refreshing feel. Cool whites, soft creams and gentle greys also reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it, which is crucial if your home cops a lot of summer sun. These lighter shades are also timeless and versatile, making them easy to match or blend in with the rest of your home’s décor.

Carpet Court’s Modern range comes in a large range of colours, so you’ll have no problem finding one you like. In addition, Modern’s colour palette has been developed to match back with Dulux’s bestselling paints. It also has a variety of finishes, from matte finishes that offer an understated look to shiny metallic finishes to make a statement.

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Look for optimal airflow

Getting this element right will help you enjoy a more comfortable living space during summer, and vertical blinds are designed to help with this. They sit right up against the windows, and you can control them easily with a wand or chain.

These blinds can be drawn to the side to your room to the light and breezes or adjusted to sit anywhere between fully open and closed. With a simple angle adjustment, you can keep your room fresh and airy but not glaringly bright, creating the ultimate relaxing atmosphere for those warm summer holiday vibes.

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Opt for easy maintenance

When it comes to vertical blinds, choosing the right material is just as important as picking the right colour. You want something that’s easy to clean and maintain, especially in the summer when you’d rather be enjoying the outdoors than doing housework.

Carpet Court’s Modern Metallic range is just right for this – a quick wipe or a gentle dusting is all it takes to keep them looking as good as new. They’re also made with a blockout fabric, which makes them perfect for weekend sleep-ins or or keeping rooms cool and dark on hot days.

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Balance privacy with outlook

One of the best things about vertical blinds is how they strike the perfect balance between allowing you to enjoy your views while also giving you privacy. With this style of blind, you can control exactly how much you can see out and how much others can see in.

And Carpet Court’s blinds are super-easy to operate, with a simple pull chain or wand system. You can sweep them to the side to open up your room, close them for complete privacy or adjust the slats to control the light and keep your view.

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