Get a smart home

Ready to have your mind blown? Check out what your house can do!
Natasha Lorenzen

Who hasn’t driven off to work and wondered if the heater or the straightener are still on, or left the house without their keys? Luckily, there’s no need to worry about burning down the house or being locked out anymore because smart homes are here for us now. The new Telstra Smart Home range is stuff we have dreamt about for years (remember The Jetsons!), and it’s finally coming true…

Any space can be a smart space (Credit: Simon Whitbread)

Turn appliances on and off remotely


With a smart power plug, you can check if an appliance is still on from your smartphone. Plus, you can switch off any appliances connected to a smart plug automatically when you leave the house, or at a certain time of day. It’s an easy way to reduce power consumption.

Smartphone apps can also control music wirelessly (Credit: Simon Whitbread)

Watch your pets at play


Now you can find out what your furry friends get up to when you’re not at home, with the installation of a HD camera. You can even adjust settings on home appliances to suit their needs. If they want some company, turn the radio on remotely!

Safety and security without the hassle (Credit: Simon Whitbread)

Forgot your door key? You can still get in…


A smart door lock is perfect for when you forget your keys, and you can use it to monitor what time your kids get home from school by setting up alerts when the front door is opening.

The future of smart living is here (Credit: Brigid Arnott)

How to get smart


The Telstra Smart Home ‘Automation & Energy’ starter kit will be available soon and comes with a Smart Home Hub, two smart power plugs, two door or window sensors and a motion sensor. Buy additional devices such as cameras from the range, then download the Telstra Smart Home app and follow the easy instructions to sync your devices! Visit

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