Three ways to make your home safer

Easy tricks and clever gadgets ensure your home feels safe all the time

Creating a safe home is all about planning for the unexpected. Whether you’re coming home later than usual, forgot to put the blinds down for a weekend away or just want peace of mind, these simple steps are sure to make your home safer than ever.

Sensor lights

These are lights that automatically turn on when alerted by movement. You’ll feel safer knowing that if anyone approaches the house, the light will turn on. Plus, they’re very handy if you have your hands full and can’t flick the light switch yourself. 

Smart home

It’s comforting to know that when you’re out and about you can control your window blinds, shutters and lights from your smartphone. Somfy myLinkTM gives you remote access to blinds, awnings and shutters. You can set regular timed events, like blinds down and lights on at 7 pm, so your home feels safer to come back to.

Presence simulation

Have a long holiday planned but don’t want to leave your home looking unattended for two weeks? Presence simulations are a great way to make your space look lived in, even when it’s not. Simple things like leaving a car in the driveway, having a neighbour collect your mail and investing in motorised blinds or lights that switch on automatically can make a massive difference.

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