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The Dream Home teams deliver another week of controversial room reveals

We hope they like a lot of pink.
Image: Dream Home/Channel 7

We’re covering the Dream Home reveals every week. The six teams have completed the first set of renovations, with Brad and Mel’s home and Taeler and Elle’s home already revealed.

This week, we’re in Queensland, with Liam’s home up next (his team member is brother Rhys), and Hannah and Jonny’s family home getting a makeover.

We’re halfway through each home, with lots of budget squabbles and plenty of out-there styling choices from the competitors.

Dream Home judges Lana Taylor, Rosie Morley, Simon Cohen looking at the latest room reveals.
Dream Home judges Simon, Rosie and Lana discuss their thoughts on the latest room reveals. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Dream Home reveals

Let’s take a look at the rooms that were unveiled this week…

Hannah and Jonny’s Coorparoo, Qld home

Hannah and Jonny have 10-month-old twins Goldie and Theodore, who they’re hoping to create a better life for by being part of the Dream Home experience.

Their 1950s weatherboard house in Coorparoo started out in pretty poor condition, but not for long. The brief for the renovation is for a place with Palm Springs vibes. Think gold, glam and a lot of pink.

Teams Rhys and Liam, Lara and Peter, and Taeler and Elle have been working on the home, and they’ve delivered some pretty knockout rooms so far.

Dream Home team Hannah and Jonny in their new kitchen
Hannah, who works in digital marketing, and Jonny, a DJ and event emcee, are excited about the changes to their home. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The kitchen was taken on by Lara and Peter, who battled it out against the other two teams to score this prime room. They didn’t disappoint, despite Taeler and Elle allocating themselves the lion’s share of the budget and leaving less for the others. The judges all agreed the room has “rizz” (AKA charisma) and were impressed by the use of arches.

Hannah and Jonny's Dream Home kitchen with feature arch over pink tiled rangehood to match the tiled base of the island bench.
The kitchen was considered fancy all-round, with a fridge that illuminates by knocking on the glass front. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

In the walk-in pantry, Lara and Peter continued the Hollywood aesthetic. “So cool that it was completely concealed,” said Lana. “It’s strong, bold and hits the brief.”

Hannah and Jonny's Dream Home butler's pantry with white cabinets and pink finger tile splashback.
The butler’s pantry is a hidden gem. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The dining room by Taeler and Elle blew the judges away. “They’ve done the best dining room to date,” said Simon.

Standout features were the pendant with delicate circles and the repetition of curves in the bar area and rug, which anchors the space.

Hannah and Jonny's Dream Home dining room with a chandelier over a decorated table and an arched bar area built into the wall.
Taeler and Elle went all out with the dining room decor. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The living room by Rhys and Liam impressed in a myriad of ways. “I’m loving that the boys went with pink,” said Lana. “The rug is a triple yes for me.”

The leather couch and curved fireplace were both big wins for the judges.

Hannah and Jonny's Dream Home living room with a tan leather couch and checkered pale pink and white rug.
The pink built-in joinery was a big win in the living room. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Wrangling a large portion of the budget for their bathroom paid off for Taeler and Elle, who delivered a beautiful space.

The judges were impressed by the curved walls, recessed mirror cabinets and double skylights over the bath.

Hannah and Jonny's Dream Home bathroom with walnut coloured vanity cabinetry and teal finger tile walls.
The attention to detail in the bathroom didn’t go unnoticed. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

“This is fresh,” said Rosie of the laundry by Rhys and Liam. It was appreciated how the room felt like it matched the rest of the house, and the checkerboard tiles were pointed out as a “really fun” detail.

Hannah and Jonny's Dream Home laundry with forest green cabinetry.
A mighty fine laundry was delivered by Rhys and Liam this week. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Rhys and Liam’s Deception Bay, Qld home

Brothers Rhys, a tiler, and Liam, a carpenter, are friendly yet fierce competitors. The home getting the reno treatment is Liam’s dated Queenslander in Deception Bay. It’s well-earned after Liam has spent years helping his older brother Rhys out with fixing up his home.

In the brief, Liam asked for a Scandi-coastal feel. Teams Brad and Mel, Hannah and Jonny, and Jacinta and Jordan are onto it.

Dream Home team Rhys and Liam smiling side by side in Liam's new kitchen.
The tradie brothers and dads look chuffed with Liam’s home so far. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The kitchen was an ambitious room to attempt, but Hannah and Jonny made it look effortless. “It’s got a great feel, everything about it,” said Rosie.

The warmth of the benchtop and splashback went down well, as did the arched rangehood.

Rhys and Liam's dream kitchen with timber clad island bench base, wooden stools and simple white cabinetry.
Sometimes simple is a fail, but it was a ‘nail’ in this kitchen. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The butler’s pantry by Hannah and Jonny continued the feeling in the kitchen. “It’s simple, stylish and warm – certainly a space I want to hang out in.”

Rhys and Liam's Dream Home butler's pantry with natural coloured bench that's continued up the splashback and white cabinetry with gold handles.
The butler’s pantry was a judge-pleaser. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The dining room by Brad and Mel benefitted from the natural light flooding in from above, but the compliments stopped there.

“It’s a lot of timber,” said Lana. “I would love to see a rug under this table to help soften it.” The judges also thought the artwork wasn’t right.

Rhys and Liam's Dream Home open plan dining and living space with a large skylight above.
The dining room included a touch too much timber for the judges. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

While the living room by Jacinta and Jordan had pros such as the colour palette and arch, it wasn’t all positive.

“It feels cramped for a family living room,” said Simon. “It only caters for three people watching TV.”

Rhys and Liam's Dream Home living room with a white couch and array of cushions in pale pink and terracotta with a TV in an arch.
Although lovely, the dining room didn’t quite cater for enough people in the opinion of the judges. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The guest bedroom by Hannah and Jonny underwhelmed with its minimalistic style. The rug was placed in a position where it made the door difficult to open, which also didn’t go down well.

Rhys and Liam's Dream Home guest bedroom with sheer white curtains and terracotta and pale pink bedding.
A ‘just fine’ guest bedroom wasn’t quite cutting it. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The bathroom was Brad and Mel’s territory, and while Lana thought it was fabulous, the other judges weren’t so impressed.

“The planning is not great,” said Rosie of the layout, which had the shower positioned open towards the bathroom entry.

Rhys and Liam's Dream Home bathroom with a bathtub on a floating platform, sink in a built-in arch and simple shower with glass partition next to it.
The floating bath didn’t wow the judges like Brad and Mel hoped it would. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Redeeming themselves after the living room flop, Jacinta and Jordan’s laundry made a good impression with its practical layout (including a clothes steamer appliance) and arch detail.

Rhys and Liam's Dream Home laundry with natural coloured benchtop, white cabinetry and gold handles and arch featured in the wall with timber back.
Jacinta and Jordan managed to make an “unspecial room feel special”. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Come back each week to see all of the room reveals on Dream Home, airing on Sundays at 7pm on Channel 7.

All six teams will have their homes renovated (so everyone’s a winner!). Each week, two homes are worked on by the other teams (three pairs on each). It takes a couple of weeks to complete each house until all of the teams have their whole house renovated.

The scores will decide the top three teams at the end of the home renovations. These three teams will renovate each other’s backyards, determining the final scores. The final winning team will not only get their ‘dream home’ but also $100,000 off their mortgage.

How the Dream Home competition works

Current standings on leader board

The top team at the end will walk away with a dream home and $100,000 off their mortgage.

  • Taeler and Elle: 80.5
  • Lara and Peter: 75.5
  • Rhys and Liam: 73
  • Jacinta and Jordan: 71.5
  • Hannah and Jonny: 70.5
  • Brad and Mel: 67.5

Week 1 scores

  • Rhys and Liam: 26/30
  • Taeler and Elle: 24.5/30
  • Hannah and Jonny: 23.5/30
  • Jacinta and Jordan: 23/30
  • Lara and Peter: 22.5/30
  • Brad and Mel: 20/30

Week 2 scores

  • Lara and Peter: 26.5/30
  • Taeler and Elle: 26/30
  • Brad and Mel: 25.5/30
  • Jacinta and Jordan: 25.5/30
  • Hannah and Jonny: 22.5/30
  • Rhys and Liam: 20/30

Week 3 scores

  • Taeler and Elle: 30
  • Rhys and Liam: 27
  • Lara and Peter: 26.5
  • Hannah and Jonny: 24.5
  • Jacinta and Jordan: 23
  • Brad and Mel: 22

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