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Jacinta and Jordan’s Dream Home is now worth a whopping $2m

It's doubled in value!
Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan inset with their home exteriorImage: Dream Home/Channel 7

Accountant Jordan and brow specialist Jacinta are parents of two young girls. Their banged-up bungalow was looking so bad they couldn’t even bring themselves to live it it, renting it out and moving into a granny flat instead. Now it’s been knocked down and rebuilt by the other contestants.

It was in the hands of Dream Home teams Hannah and Jonny, Taeler and Elle and Lara and Peter. The brief was for a five-star luxe feeling – and that’s exactly what they got. The one-storey home was replaced with a two-storey boujee abode. It’s now valued at a whopping $2 million, which is an increase of $1 million, according to View.

We take a look into each room and share feedback from the judges, Lana Taylor, Simon Cohen and Rosie Morley.

Dream Home Punchbowl NSW homeowners Jordan and Jacinta
Dream Home team Jacinta and Jordan are ready to see their brand-new home. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

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As the judges see Jacinta and Jordan’s newly built home in Punchbowl for the first time, Rosie points out that it was a pile of dirt a few weeks ago.

The awnings, mature trees and garden beds on either side of the stairs make for a magical front facade by Hannah and Jonny.

Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl home exterior
The chic front facade went down a treat. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The front entrance by Hannah and Jonny didn’t seem to meet the brief for the judges. “It feels quite coastal,” said Lana.

Jacinta and Jordan's Dream Home front entrance
The entrance didn’t quite hit the mark. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

While Taeler and Elle went to great efforts to secure the large expanses of marble in the kitchen, it was a bit one-note for the judge. “I’ve never seen so much veining in my life,” said Lana.

“There’s a way to do en masse stone,” said Rosie. “What kills me is these two lights plonked in the centre.”

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl kitchen
The kitchen didn’t have quite the effect the sisters were hoping for. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The butler’s pantry by Taeler and Elle received a similarly flat response, with the judges puzzled by the decision to give up cabinet space for wall sconces.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl home's butlers pantry
The butler’s pantry didn’t quite hit the mark. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The living room by Hannah and Jonny certainly looked good. “It feels expensive, the way it’s been styled,” said Lana. “I think that’s the longest fireplace we’ve seen.” 

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's living room
A marble coffee table got the judge’s attention, but they wished that stone had been used on the fireplace. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The lounge placement may have looked chic, but Rosie pointed out that you’d have to turn your head at an awkward angle to watch the TV.

Dream Home's Jordan and Jacinta's Punchbowl home's living room
Skylights let loads of light into the kitchen and living area. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)
Dream Home Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl home living room
Contrasting black and white makes for a luxe palette. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The dining room by Peter and Lara was bang-on brief. “There’s a level of grandeur,” said Rosie. “There’s a focal point.”

“That stone is ‘wow’, it’s so opulent,” agreed Lana.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl dining room
It was all about that show-stopping stone in the dining area. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The main bedroom by Lara and Peter was so neutral that the judges weren’t really sure what to think. “I think they met the brief, but do we feel it’s missing that bit of bling?” said Simon.

“I expected more from them, it’s lacking the bougie,” said Lana. Meanwhile, Rosie quite liked the tone on tone.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl home bedroom
The bedroom tones had a soothing effect. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The walk-in robe was also done by Lara and Peter. “It’s warm, moody, it’s very nice,” said Simon.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl home walk-in robe
The ‘his and hers’ walk-in robe was a hit. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The ensuite by Hannah and Jonny had a nice, serene feel, but it felt a bit safe for the judges. “We’ve seen these mirrors, we’ve seen this joinery. Where in the creativity?” said Simon.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan Punchbowl home bathroom
A simple ensuite was not quite exciting enough. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Although the powder room was tight, Taeler and Elle made the most of it. “They’ve done a good job with the space they have,” said Simon.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl home powder room
The powder room packed a pint-sized punch. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Taeler and Elle also had the laundry, but the lack of storage was a fail, as was the sink placed too close to the wall.

Dream Home Jacinta and Jordan Punchbowl home laundry
The laundry could have used some extra overhead cabinetry. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Upstairs, the second living area by Taeler and Elle got a good reaction from the judges. “It’s a great kids space to hang out,” said Simon.

Jacinta and Jordan's Dream Home upstairs living area
The judges loves the styling of the small space. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

As Jacinta and Jordan’s two daughter previously squeezed in their bedroom, it was a win that they would both have their own room.

Taeler and Elle were responsible for Amelia’s daughter’s bedroom. Although pretty, it confused the judges somewhat as the bed seemed to be on the side, so it felt more like a play room.

Jacinta and Jordan's daughter Amelia's bedroom
It’s all fun and games in Jacinta and Jordan’s daughter Amelia’s bedroom. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

Lara and Peter took on sister Olivia’s bedroom next door. The princess feel of the room left the judges feeling happy – but not more so than the secret cubby in the cupboard.

“That was the lion, the witch and the wardrobe stuff,” said Rosie.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's daughter Olivia's bedroom
Jacinta and Jordan’s daughter Olivia’s bedroom is fit for a princess. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

The upstairs bathroom was by Lara and Peter. “It’s got the wow-factor,” said Simon, while Rosie saw similarities to a hotel bathroom.

The only thing they could nit pick was the use of three different tiles which looked a bit clashing when they met at one point.

Dream Home's Jacinta and Jordan's Punchbowl home upstairs bathroom
It was all about the luxe in the upstairs bathroom. (Image: Dream Home/Channel 7)

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