Five things to consider before purchasing a fridge

This go-to list has you covered
Armelle Habib

A focal of most kitchens, the fridge is a much-needed white good. Before buying a new one, here are five things to consider to help make your life easier.






Easy to clean surfaces

Choose a fridge that can be easily and quickly wiped down. While a stainless steel finish is super popular for contemporary kitchens, they do show fingerprints. Look for models with an anti-fingerprint finish to keep it looking brand new for a long time to come.  

Efficient internal design

Making life easier when on the fly for busy mums or avid entertainers, LG’s Door-in-DoorR design means you can quickly and easily grab the items you need without sifting through your entire fridge. This also minimises cold air escaping by up to 41% percent as the fridge door won’t be left open while you rummage around.

Savvy storage solutions

A fridge that comes with movable interiors is ideal when entertaining guests as you can change the shelf height to fit larger items in. Look for shelves that can be retracted or adjusted, and ensure the freezer has a door basket and easy-pull drawers so you can easily access those flat frozen items like puff pastry.

Indoor ice maker

While an ice maker is a great idea, often they take up valuable internal space. Look for models where the ice maker is built into the door so it doesn’t comprise the space.

Air purification system

Ideal for those who love to throw dinner parties, an air purification system will keep your fridge smelling fresh, even when you have a seafood platter.


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