DEDON Living Australia opens it’s first showroom

We take 5 Minutes to chat with director Cameron Robertson about the luxury outdoor furniture

Luxury outdoor furniture brand DEDON has recently opened the doors to it’s very first Australian store, so we caught up with their Aussie Director to find out a little more about the German-born company.

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(Credit: Lowanna Daoud-Opit)

How did you first become involved with the brand? 
Style is something I’ve always been interested in, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to the DEDON brand through my parents that I really started to understand the potential of furniture to really define a space. My family and I have been involved with DEDON for almost 20 years; I’ve done everything from being a DJ for the opening of the DEDON SoHo New York showroom in 2012, to most recently being asked to re-establish DEDON in the Australian market.

How would you describe DEDON’s style in a sentence? 
We work with the world’s best designers, in a sustainable way, to create innovative outdoor furniture that is built to last and delivers on what we like to term ‘barefoot luxury.’ 

What makes DEDON different to any other outdoor furniture? 
We’ve been at the forefront of outdoor luxury furniture for years – that’s a point of difference that really shows through in the product because quality really comes with experience. DEDON were the first to weave synthetic fibre into luxury outdoor designs and we place a strong emphasis on sustainability.

How does a German-founded company furniture company compete in a place like Australia? 
To compete in the premium end of any market, you’ve got to be exceptionally strong at what you do – and DEDON is extraordinary in outdoor furniture – so that’s the first thing. But you can’t survive if you don’t evolve and innovate. Our German heritage gives us an edge in luxury, functionality and quality which is manufactured to withstand the harsh outdoor elements of Australia. 

If there was one DEDON piece you think everyone should have in their backyard this summer, what would it be and why? 
My current summer must have is the Dean Lounge Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud in Black. Now it’s warmer my wife and I end up spending most evenings and weekends in the backyard entertaining with a glass of Rose in one hand and our 10-month-old daughter Florence in the other. Jean-Marie Massaud took inspiration from America’s Cup yachts when designing this, and I have always loved the design, comfort and functionality of the Dean collection. Maybe it’s because I’m a New Zealander and we’re a seafaring nation? 

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