Antipasto grazing platter

Delight your guests with a welcoming mix of flavourful cheeses and nibbles in this gourmet antipasto grazing platter.
Antipasto grazing platter served on a timber board.
10-12 servings

There’s nothing quite like fresh cheeses, Italian meats and savoury nibbles to fill hunger cravings. While antipasto is usually the appetiser before the main meal, it’s also incredibly easy to put together for casual events or as a side dish during cocktails and canapes. Add in-season produce and local cheeses for a delicious mix, however Spanish serrano or salumi can also be used.




Decant olives into small serving bowls, cover and place in fridge until ready to serve. Take cheeses out of fridge at least 1 hour before serving and leave at room temperature.


Just before serving, arrange bowls of olives and cheeses on platter, spacing out evenly. Next, arrange loose piles of prosciutto around cheeses and bowls. Repeat with figs and bluberries.


Place lavosh, cheese twists and biscotti in leftover gaps, leaving space for honeycomb. Sprinkle on piles of nuts and lay sprigs of thyme and rosemary over the top to finish.

The best grazing plates are filled with market-fresh delicacies, cheeses served at room temperature and ingredients piled up high.

Antipasto grazing platter served on a timber board.

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