House Rules sneak peek – everything you need to know before tonight’s show!

Judge Wendy Moore tells all!

We get the inside tips on teams, tears and twists – and we’re so excited!!

With House Rules Season 6 about to go to air on tonight on Channel 7 at 7:30pm, we have a chat with Home Beautiful’s editor in chief and House Rules Judge Wendy Moore to find out what we can expect from the reality reno show this season.

Tell us about the teams this year

“I think this is going to be our funniest and most heart-warming series ever!” says Wendy.

“Definitely a few surprises in the teams – when you watch David and Chiara work, there’s definitely passion there and hard work from both of them – but watch for the tears! They flow easily! Josh and Brandon both seem the type that will give you the shirt off their back, Kim and Michelle will keep everyone laughing every episode. The competitive types surprise you though – not all are as laid back as they seem – see if you can spot the team with the killer instinct!”

House Rules Season 6 - everything you need to know!

What’s different about House Rules in Season 6?

“This series is definitely bigger than all the ones we’ve done before – starting from the very first episode,” says Wendy.

“This year we’ve shaken things up a bit and actually bought a house for the teams to renovate – I love it for two reasons – firstly because it means all the teams are together in the first renovation – all getting to know each other and allowing us to get to know them – but the real twist is that the profits from the auction of this house become the prize money for the overall winner of this season! This is huge! It means they are literally working for themselves, the better they are, the more they have to win. It definitely makes for a hugely exciting start to the series!”

House Rules Season 6 - everything you need to know!

Just how ‘judgey’ will the judges be?

“Of course Laurence and Drew are back with me this year,” says Wendy. “And if you thought Laurence was entertaining last year, then I’m here to tell you that he was just warming up! He is fabulous to work with! Drew is making himself heard more and more though, and there are a few great moments where both Laurence and Drew bump heads a bit, and Drew definitely doesn’t back down!”

“Drew has such a keen eye for detail and craftsmanship, and is generally immovable in his opinion once he has made up his mind. I know there are some moments where both of them have made some outrageous comment that I thought ‘that will never go to air’… but I was wrong! I’m seeing some just in the short promotions for the show. It’s definitely going to be a fun season to watch.”

House Rules Season 6 - everything you need to know!
Drew, Laurence and Wendy at LLB’s wallpaper launch in Sydney this week

Can we look forward to some great renos and interior design inspiration?

“I’m always surprised how quickly these teams find their feet, considering many of them have never so much as picked up a hammer before (think Kim and Michelle), yet within a few weeks they are nutting out floorplans and coming up with design ideas like a pro. As judges, we often say that we see some of the most creative ideas come from them – simply because they don’t know the rules of design. That can make for some incredibly original, intuitive design that is truly inspiring. I know for a fact that Laurence has used some of the ideas from last year as inspiration in his own design (I’m going to collect the images and do a feature on the ideas Laurence has stolen from House Rules one of these days!). This naivety also, of course, makes for some pretty spectacular failures though!”

“For me, the first house does definitely excite me about the design we will see in the rest of the season – some of the spaces that are generally more challenging to design bring out some promising talent in some of these teams from day one.”

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