Kitchen Renovations

10 quick ways to update your kitchen

A full kitchen renovation can be expensive and time consuming, however a simple kitchen makeover is easier than you may think.

A full kitchen renovation can be expensive and time consuming, however a simple kitchen makeover is easier than you may think.

Here are 10 easy ways to update your kitchen without the heavy cost of a full kitchen renovation – saving your time and budget.

1. Update your lighting

Lighting is as important for the look it creates as it is for functionality in your kitchen. Updating old fittings with fresh new on-trend lighting designs will give the whole room a lift.

2. Replace window coverings

Decorating ideas for window treatments should be carefully considered as an important part of your whole kitchen design. Install blinds, curtains, louvres or shutters to address issues of privacy, home security and control the amount of light coming into your kitchen.

3. Open shelving

Open shelving is a perfect tool for personalising your kitchen and bringing in colour and character. Aim for a mixture of decorative and useful items on display – or better still, both!

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4. Replace cabinetry

Rather than a complete refit, replacing the doors and/or handles on your kitchen cabinets is a super-affordable kitchen renovation idea. Use online or in-store planning apps to play around with different colours and finishes to find a combination you love. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and push the design envelope – be brave and go for a bold change for maximum makeover impact.

5. New stools

For a cheap kitchen makeover, one of the easiest things replace if you have a kitchen island bench is your set of bar stools. Due to high traffic, these tend to show signs of wear and tear before other areas of your kitchen so keep your eyes peeled for a new set, which can make a strong style statement. Buy the best quality you can afford and consider upholstered stools with a sound structure that can stand up to a few makeovers with reupholstering.

6. Chalk board wall

A feature wall in chalk paint is a practical, fun and stylish addition to your kitchen. Whether a whole wall or simply a large panel, choose a central wall that is handy to everything and has plenty of space in front of it to stand as you write. Keep in mind the risk of overspray from wet areas and grease and stains from cooking zones.

7. Splashback makeover

A tiled splashback is the most resilient finish to withstand all you throw at it in your kitchen – cooking, washing and preparing food all demand a hard-wearing, easy care surface. If yours is still in good condition but looking a little dated, consider an affordable facelift by either retiling, regrouting or simply painting over existing tiles with a specialist tile paint for an instant update.

8. Paint everything

In terms of bang for your buck, nothing stretches a kitchen renovation budget further than a complete overhaul with paint. Walls, cabinetry, ceiling and even floors can all be repainted to make your kitchen look like new. Particularly if you’re looking for affordable ways to make your small kitchen appear bigger, opt for the lightness and brightness of an all-white palette.

9. Mirrored splashback

Swapping tiles for a mirrored splashback will add a little glamour and visually extend the size of your kitchen. By reflecting light and the surrounding area, a large expanse of mirror creates an open-plan feeling without removing any walls. Like glass, a mirrored surface is hard wearing but be realistic about your housekeeping – this is a surface that will require regular cleaning and care.

10. Add some wallpaper

The trend for bringing wallpaper into our homes shows no signs of slowing and the kitchen is a room often missed when looking to use this powerful decorating tool. Wallpaper offers you the ability to inject colour, pattern, art and design into your kitchen to great effect and for a modest investment. Or, splurge on a high-end or imported design in a small area to use your renovation budget efficiently.

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